Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Release Date Revealed!

Received word over the weekend Heart's Last Chance will release Sept 18th:)  Since I'm nearly finished with edits, if for some reason another author has to delay her book release, then mine will be bumped up:)  So stay tuned....and here's another excerpt for you.  Enjoy!

“How do I know you’re not using mind control on me? Don’t aliens sometimes use hypnosis and deception in order to charm humans before revealing sinister plans?”
Brock placed his hand over his heart before kneeling at her feet.
“Tricia, my love, I do not use anything but my mouth and my body to let you know my feelings. Come, I ordered room service for you and your friend. If your other two show up, there is enough for them also”
“Was it a set-up?” Tricia placed her towel in the adjoining bathroom. “Did you arrange for Lara and Jayne to meet men so you could put the moves on me? And did you arrange Becky’s man also?”
Brock frowned as he stood up. “I don’t understand what you mean. I have no control over your friends’ choices. But it is almost noon and you need nourishment.”
Tricia took his hand. He led her into the other room and watched as her manner changed from wary to excitement as she loaded a plate with croissants, eggs, bacon, and fruit. He took the silver carafe and filled her coffee cup.
“Vanilla-flavored coffee, just as you like.” Brock seated himself across from her and loaded his own plate.
“Something smells wonderful in here.” Becky’s door opened. “Yours stayed, Trish? Mine left during the night.”
“I saw him leaving when I came out to order the food. You can do better than him, if you want my opinion. A real man does not tiptoe across the room carrying his footwear out of a desirable woman’s hotel room.” Brock poured the other woman a cup and indicated one of the chairs. “I’m Brock Robertson.”
“Becky Weidersahn. Thanks for breakfast.” She sat down and reached for a china plate. “Trish, I vote you hang onto this one. He orders food and so far seems to be an excellent judge of character.”
       Tricia coughed. “You don’t know the half of it. Turns out Brock and I have known each other for a long time, so he’ll be joining us for dinner tonight.” 


Melissa Keir said...

Awesome! I love the cover and wish you all the best!

morgan said...

Sounds wonderful. Great cover.