Thursday, February 14, 2013

Swept Away Blog Hop

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Happy Valentine's Day:)  When I was in my teens, I was always envious of my friends with boyfriends.  They sported teddy bears, chocolates, or even jewelry.  In college, roses, 1st Promise rings, or even engagement rings were given.  I had only two V-days while seeing someone, and received a red rose from one, and a vase of yellow roses from the other.

The man I ended up marrying later got me not only a huge Hershey Kiss, but took me out to dinner.  Since then, I've pretty much bought my own chocolate, and focus mainly on the kids.  He's taking me to lunch today, and then I'll fix him a good meal tonight before we watch Big Bang Theory.

Not very romantic, but after 22 years, I've come to realize any day can be special.  It's your attitude, not just the fact 'Oh, it's the 14th.  I must get him/her XYZ....'  He says 'I love you' whenever he pays for my promo items; deals with the kids when I'm trying to meet a deadline; and brings me pistachios during March Madness.  Oh, and doesn't complain about how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies I order!

Anyway, only one of my books has a Valentine's Day scene in it.  It's not your typical 'Happy Valentine's Day, I love you.' scene.  Enjoy:)

Two weeks later, on Valentine’s Day, Kevin drove Tammy to a quiet restaurant in the next town, reputed for its tender, flavorful steaks and succulent seafood.

“I know this is a little cliché.” Kevin paused as the waiter poured their champagne. “But I thought, what the hell.” He pulled out a tiny blue velvet box and set it in front of Tammy.

Her heart nearly stopped. “Oh, Kevin…you sent me flowers, you brought me a box of chocolates…the dinner….and now…?” Shaking, her fingers opened the box and revealed the beautiful sapphire and diamond ring. Eyes brimming with tears, she raised her head and looked at Kevin, her mouth trembling.

He took it from her. “Tamara Renee,” he removed the ring from the box and reached for her left hand, “will you do me the honor of marrying me?” He slipped the ring on her finger.

She couldn’t speak. Thoughts swirled around in her head. The first time she’d laid eyes (and lips) on him; meeting him in his classroom, after purging him from her thoughts; the first time they’d made love in a bed; the fact he didn’t raise a fuss over her craft fair booths; hearing Melanie claim he was hers; standing up for him in the face of sexual harassment charges; the issues with her son’s anger management. And her own insecurities toward relationships.

“I can’t.” Tears splashed on her cheeks. “I’m sorry…I just don’t feel ready.” She continued to study it on her hand, until she removed it and put it back in its box, placing it back in front of Kevin. “Excuse me.” She dashed for the ladies’ room and locked herself into a vacant stall, muffling her sobs with her fists and toilet paper. Eventually, she calmed and washed her face at the sink and did her best to repair her makeup. Putting on a brave face, she returned to the table, where the little blue box was nowhere in sight. Kevin was drinking his champagne with a somber expression. He looked up when she reached the table.

“Tam.” He stood and slid his arms around her. “I was afraid maybe you’d tried to run off.”

“We came in your car.” She indicated the table. “What’s this?”

“I ordered you some stuffed mushrooms. That’s all you talked about, all the way here.” He took her hands in his and took a deep breath. “Maybe I rushed things a bit. Can I just retract the offer, and we enjoy a good meal?”

Tears threatened to fall again. “And here I was worried you wouldn’t want to see me anymore.” She slid into her seat and was startled when Kevin knelt down.

“I love you, Tammy. I want to spend tonight and the rest of my life with you, and if the thought of a formal commitment freaks you out, then I’ll settle for the unconventional. You let me know when you’re ready, and I’m sorry I rushed you.” 

Teacher's Pet available at Freya's Bower, Amazon, and B&N. 

Want to read more?  Tell me if you've ever been proposed to on V-Day or broken up with someone.  I'll draw a random name for a free copy of Teacher's Pet:)


Cassandra said...

Never lol I'm watching the Big Bang Theory right now lol
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Carol Preflatish said...

Hubby has to work tonight, so our Valentine's Day will be tomorrow. We'll probably just have a nice dinner at home.

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Oh, wow, she had better grab him; he's a keeper. My husband got me yellow roses on our first wedding anniversary-- they're my fave. Good luck on the hop.

Tessa said...

Never, nothing dramatical, neither negative or positive, has really happened on Valentines day for me.
tessa dot bamberg at kolumbus dot fi

susanmp said...

Nope neither has happened to me on valentines day.

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

Meghan said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Sometimes I wish I was swept away by someone's love especially on Valentine's Day. Being young, I have yet to have the opportunity. If I could choose any man in the world to sweep me away, I would certainly choose Alexander Skarsgard. He's nice, funny, polite and well educated. If I could pick a fictional man, I would choose Jamie Fraser from "Outlander." With his rough physicality, loving sensibility, and fierce passion, I know I would be happy for the rest of my life. I wish I could be swept away to New Zealand or Scotland, somewhere beautifully green and primitive.
Enough with my epic daydreams…
Happy Valentine's Day!

mestith at gmail dot com

veRONIca said...

Haven't done either but I think breaking up with someone would be cruel on that day


Shadow said...

Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway!!! :)

Sherry said...

No, I haven't had either one happen to me on Valentine's Day.
sstrode at scrtc dot com