Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Release Day....Madness??

Class Reunion went LIVE yesterday around 2:30pm !  Get it here:)  Or, wait to see if you're the winner...;)
Remember, leave me your best/worst/whatever memory of any reunion, be it class, family, vacation, whatever!  And don't forget your contact info and what format if your're selected:  PDF, Nook, or Kindle.

25th Class Reunion
Facebook had maybe been around for a few years at this point, and I'd heard horror stories about it being full of viruses.  But after a while, I got curious, and opened an account.  I really didn't 'get' what it was all about, until our Class Organizer decided to post the invitation on FB, so I was dragged, kicking and screaming, onto the site.

And was instantly hooked!  Granted, I only spent maybe the grand total of fifteen minutes a day.  I threw pillows, handed out drinks, and reconnected with people I'd not spoken to in years.  And best of all, reconnected with my best friend from the 5th grade!  And met up in person while I was visiting my parents over Spring Break.  And I wondered if her class was having a reunion that year.

"Wouldn't it be hysterical if I were to crash it?  I've not seen anyone, outside of KB, since May 1981!"

"If my boyfriend doesn't want to go, you could be my 'date'!"

And so a plan was hatched.

Thanks to friend A, classmates I'd not seen or even spoken to in nearly 30 years were friending me on FB and begging me to attend their reunion.  Some I accepted with trepidation; others more eagerly.  And cleared it with their organizer, so he'd be in on the surprise; I didn't want to blindside him.  But he was gung ho, since we hadn't seen each other since 1995.

And when I walked in, the ones I'd been most friendly with from grade K-9 greeted me with open arms!  The one's I'd thought were not that friendly 'back then', we spoke for a few minutes, then several weeks later they de-friended me.  Oh well; their loss.

And when everyone found out what I wrote?  Well, let's say alcohol loosened a few tongues and ideas began flowing for 'your next book!'  I also was privy to personal information, stories, and intimate details that I probably wouldn't normally have heard.

But I took some of those details, rolled them around in my head, and Class Reunion was 'born.'  Here's the deleted prologue.  Enjoy!

July, 2004
  “I can’t believe she filed…just last week.” Brian Vellinger burped.  “With no warning.  Nope, none at all.”  His beer sloshed over the side of the mug as he gestured.
  “Whoa, Bri…I think you’ve had enough.”  A female voice accompanied the hands which tried to take the glass away from him.
“Hey now, that’s not nice to take a perfectly good beer away from a man!  Whaddya doin’, Sue?”  Brian kept a firm grip on the handle as he turned to look at her.
  The auburn haired girl sighed.  “You’re drunk, Bri…why don’t you go upstairs and sleep it off?”
  “Only if you’ll come with me.  Didja know my wife left me?  And I always thought you were better lookin’, but you wouldn’t go out with me.”
  “That’s because you were just another dumb jock.  But now Brad tells me you’re a banker?”
  “Mortgage broker,” he corrected her.  “And I’m in line for a promotion.”
  “Really?”  Her brown eyes sparkled as she helped him from the barstool and eased him toward the door of the hotel bar.  “Are they going to make you a manager or something?”
  “Even better.”  Brian swayed and his hand slipped down to land on her generous sized breast.  “Vice President.”  He belched and squeezed his fingers.  “God your tit feels so good.  What size are you?  Didja know my wife hasn’t let me fuck her in weeks?”

 He awoke with a raging headache, alone and naked.
  “What the hell?  I remember screwing someone last night.  Shit.  Oh God…not Sue…”  He pulled the pillow over his head.  “Please, God…tell me I wore a fucking condom…”
  Sue had been one of their class sluts in high school; no telling what diseases she’d be at risk of passing along.  And from what he’d heard the previous night, she hadn’t changed much, except for the breast implants.
  Brian sat up and noticed with relief the empty foil packets scattered on the floor.  God…how many times had he nailed her?  Quick inspection of the trash can revealed two full and three broken rubbers.
“At least I had that much sense.” The world tilted on its axis when he tried to stand up, but managed to stagger into the bathroom.
  Thirty minutes later, showered and dressed, he checked his wallet.  “Oh fuck!” He held his aching head.  All of his cash was missing, but his credit cards and identification remained.  “I know I had at least a thousand on me last night.”
Brian picked up the phone and called the front desk, asking for Sue French’s room.  The clerk informed him she’d already checked out.
  “Damn it!”  He slammed the receiver down, but picked it up again and this time asked for his friend Brad’s room.
  “Hey man…was I throwing money around last night? …No? … I left with Sue, right? …Okay…yeah, I’m good.  Thanks.”  Brian hung up and pinched the bridge of his nose.  “That bitch!”


Sandy said...

Looks like a great read to add to my TBR pile.

Kenzie Michaels said...

Thanks Sandy:)