Thursday, February 7, 2013

And The Madness Continues Day #4.....

Whew!  What a week it's been!  Tuesday night, friend Benjamin showed up with some wonderful and gooey brownies, and instead of celebrating with one or two people, I celebrated with six friends and several coffee shop customers who came over to help us eat the goodies.  I even passed around the few cover flats I had on me and found some business cards.

Yesterday, instead of only one person showing up for my celebratory lunch, two more showed, and we talked, laughed, joked, and had a friendly rivalry over the lunchtime trivia game.  Which I did eventually end up losing, by less than 200 points, in a 4/4.5 match:)  Trav was exhausted and we were tied at 2 matches apiece, so instead of finishing the 7 questions, we quit at 4.  And he smoked by me.

My promo items came in, and they're soooooo pretty!  Took them to choir with me and sold at least two more (at least they SAY they'll download it, yay!!) and came home and crashed.

Today, as soon as I'm finished with my promo, I'm turning the brain back over to Molly.  She has to finish some complicated edits by next week, and I've been taking up all her spare time.  Plus, we're fighting bronchitis again, but think we're finally on the mend:)

My Official 25th Reunion:
Forgot to mention something yesterday:  I walked into the bar behind friend A, and as we're wandering around, I spot a familiar face.

She points her finger at me and smiles.  "You didn't go to Mc----YOU went to J!"

"Yes, I did.  But so did YOU!"

"Hey, I married a grad.  Why are you here?"  (We're hugging each other at this point)

"I went to school with half of these people from K-9th grade!"

Rewind several months:
After I'd gotten my invitation on FB, and began communicating with classmates, of course the question of 'what sort of books do you write?' came up.  And the two people I trusted the most at this point received an eye-opener when I dared to send them each an excerpt of All She Ever Wanted.

"I fell off my chair after I read that!  Sweet, innocent YOU wrote THAT?"

"LOL....Sweet, innocent me went to college and grew up!"

And so I walk into the party...and our class clown grabs me in a hug.

"Kenzie....Kenzie....Kenzie.....I got nothin'."  

"Did you see that?  I've managed to render him speechless!  Mark this day down in history!"

I had a good time talking with B and his wife, and seeing pictures of their girls (they had twins!), and even reconnected with the gentleman who took me to my 1st HS dance when we were seniors (I was a late bloomer) and his wife, whom I'd known her brother.  I tried not to bore anyone with long descriptions of my books, and both evenings went well.

Until a group of us decided to continue the party at a local bar.  None of anyone from 'my' group went, and the gang I met there were people I didn't really talk to.  So I drank one drink, danced one dance, and went home.

Class Reunion Excerpt #3:  Everyone has at least one unpleasant encounter!

“Jim Storms…How are you?”  She pasted a smile on her face.  Jim had given her nothing but aggravation in school, and hoped that over the past years he’d gotten over his narcissistic attitude.

“I’m good; got me a farm outside of town and my oldest is about to follow in his old man’s footsteps and play football this year.”  Jim took a drink from the Pepsi can in his meaty hand.  “Heard you were out West somewhere.”

“Yes. Idaho.”  

Jim burped.  “Beautiful country out there.  My wife’s sister lives in Cour d’Alane.  You anywhere near it?”

Relief flowed through her.  “No, that’s up in the northern part, up by Montana.  I’m actually in the southern part, between Oregon and Wyoming.”

“Well you saved my ass in Biology.  I have you to thank for that.”  He leaned closer and she smelled the alcohol on his breath.  “Wanna go off and discuss some Anatomy?  You’re as pretty as I remember.”

Natalie gaped at him.  “But what about your wife?”  Where is Brian?  I seriously need help here!

“Awww…why bring her up?  Unless you swing both ways, like she does.”  Jim took another swallow of whatever he had in the can.

Eeuuu…that was really more than I wanted to know; looks as if some in our class is stuck in a time warp!  “No, Jim, I’ll pass.  But it was…good…to see you.”  She stepped around him, only to feel his hand on her arm.  “Jim…I’ve got to go.”

“Now I’m sorry if I’ve offended you, Nat. I was just having some fun.  Remember the day Mr. Hudgins had us dissecting the pigs and your friend Lisa threw up all over hers?”

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