Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mid Year Check Up

Did I make any resolutions this year? None are documented; I had limited internet access six months ago. But if I did make any resolutions in my professional life, they would have been the following:

-Submit, submit, submit my work. Check. Class Reunion has been accepted, and Off The Clock sent off for approval. I also sent off Appetite For Desire and it was accepted:) Now, I have nothing left but partial wips. My alter-ego is currently waiting for approval on her 3rd book. I also finally finished an appropriate submission for the 1000 Words anthology. Hopefully Travis found this one acceptable!

-Write, write, write. So-so. I've had a few writing days the last few months, but I need to do more. I don't think I've written anything new in the last month. Of course, it helps when the characters are screaming for attention! Mine are not; I think they all went looking for a less stressed out author.

-Make some money. Check....sort of. I have received two royalty checks this year....and just enough money for about a week's worth of chocolate. I have a love affair going with Hershey's Bliss milk chocolate squares. Shhhh....don't tell my dentist.....

-Be a better mom. I kind of dropped the ball on this one; I have a youngling who isn't reading yet, and a rebellious teenage daughter. Of course, if the spouse hadn't gone off the deep end on Super Bowl Sunday and thrown a fit over her choice of boyfriend....but that's private family issues so I won't bore you with that drama.

-Balance family and writing life. Again, I've sort of dropped the ball. Since I got my laptop, I've discovered I'm addicted to Face Book. And there are several days I did nothing but chat on a couple of loops....again, I refer you to item #2.

So yes, Kenzie has a lot of work to do the remainder of the year! Maybe once edits arrive for both Teacher's Pet and Appetite For Desire?? And maybe Mark and Becca will talk to me again???


Amber Skyze said...

I believe all teen girls are rebellious. You've had lots of wonderful news this year. There's still six months left. I'm sure you'll have more.


Kenzie Michaels said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement Amber! I can feel the words 'clogging' my brain; now I just need a quiet place to let them out:)

B.C. Brown said...

Where are you going to go to get that quiet place - Alaska? O.o haha I've been to your house, remember? :) Seriously, I can feel ya on the need to let it out and get it on paper (er, screen).

And, shut up. You are a GREAT mom!! I'm gonna help ya out with the youngling, and, well, she's a teenager...Goes with the territory. You'll pull through, and you'll have a stronger relationship for it.

See ya soon, dear!


Kenzie Michaels said...

ROFL! Thank you BC:) I think ALL moms feel as if they've dropped the ball every now and then...and our friends buoy us back up:)