Friday, February 25, 2011

Fingers Crossed!

I sent off a submission to Secret Cravings yesterday, and have already had a confirmation e-mail, letting me know I should hear back in about a week:) Here's hoping they like it!

How Much Is Too Much?
A friend and I were discussing book releases yesterday, and how many releases per year are too many?

My goal at the moment is two per year. That gives me six months to promote each one, and it gives me 'breathing space'. I don't want to suddenly 'take the publishing world by storm' only to fizzle out and have my place taken by another go-getter.

No, I would rather build a solid group of readers who anxiously wait for my next release, knowing there will be one or two a year.

I do have friends who crank them out month after month, and I applaud their tenacity at keeping at it. I never want my writing to become a chore; I want it to be something I enjoy. I wonder at their promotions sometime. How effective is the promo when you're hurrying to meet deadlines; editing; AND suddenly yelling all over the internet, "OMG! I totally forgot my book came out today!"??

One author recently revealed she had four (4, and I'm NOT making this up!) releases on the same day. HUH??? Yes, with three different publishers. That just boggles the mind. Which book will she showcase? Will she take turns? What happens the rest of the year?

If I'm wrong about the effectiveness of the marketing, please let me know. Granted, I've been waiting for one book to be edited for over a year, and word of acceptance now for nine months. And with this new submission....If all four are released this year, I hope they are spaced far enough apart so I don't have someone bringing this post to my attention and calling me a hypocrite.

What's your take on this? And yes, if you're a part of what I call the 'Book-of-the-Month' Club, please enlighten me?

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Amber Skyze said...

I belonged to the book a month club last year. It's way too stressful. I felt like I never stopped promoting. :)