Thursday, December 16, 2010

Interview with Steve Blumenthal from Wild At Heart

Today I'm interviewing Steve Blumenthal, one of the heroes in my latest release, Wild At Heart.
Thanks for being willing to chat with me today Steve:)

S: No problem. I just have one question before you start.

K: Sure; go ahead.

S: What happened to the storyline I gave you? I told you I was trying to reform; my town didn't 'get it', and instead, you come up with this complicated love square--

K: Quadrangle.

S: Whatever. Quadrangle-happy now?- about myself, the girl I love, and her kinky-assed boyfriend...

K: Okay, stop right there. First of all, You cornered ME while I was driving down the road. I couldn't just stop and write, could I? I had to let your storyline swirl around in my head for a few days.

S: You call two weeks a 'few days'? And how the hell did you end up setting half the book in Colorado?

K: No idea. I hadn't even planned on it. But, Angie said her boyfriend was out of town, and when I went to write his scene, I'd just been discussing our 2002 vacation to Estes Park with my kids, and reminiscing. I guess it was the first place which jumped into my head.

S: Whatever.

K: Ultimately, you did get what you wanted. You managed to work with your parole officer to find employment....

S: Yeah. How many ex-cons are that lucky to find something on their first try?

K: Steve, did you ever consider maybe your PO had an inside track on employers willing to give second chances?

S: Oh....I didn't think of that....

K: So you find out Angie has her own business and a boyfriend....what gave you the courage to keep pursuing her, even after she threw you out of her shop?

S: Ah, my know, her green eyes turn all fiery and smoke swirls out of her ears...God she's beautiful when she's angry! I used to torment her in high school just to see how far her temper would take her. She used to just cry, which would kill me, and I'd get her alone later and apologize. But wow, can that girl pack a punch! I'm proud of her for standing up to me.

K: Why do guys do that, anyway?

S: It lets us know you have some passion. Guys don't want girls who'll let 'em walk all over them. We want a fighter. Or at least I do, anyway. You ever hit your man in anger?

K: Well...I did call him an idiot....and yes, I've yelled at him in the past. But lately? No.

S: Why not?

K: Because...wait a minute. I'm supposed to ask the questions.

S: Awe, c'mon Kenzie...bring him to the club and I'll let you put a pie in his face. Or dump a drink on him. Whaddya say?

K: I thnk this interview has gotten way off track! Here's some news for you: You're going to be available on Kindle by Christmas. Happy New Year!

S: Happy New Year to you. And think about what I said; you need to show your man some spirit.

K: Goodbye Steve....

Wild At Heart,
Available now at XOXO Publishing


Linda Kage said...

I've never seen a book hero turn the interview around on the author like that before!!

Love it.

Kenzie Michaels said...

Thanks Linda:) Now you understand why I had problems getting him to behave when I wrote his story!

Mia Watts said...

Happy New Year indeed! Congrats Kenzie! And also... quadrangle. LOL.