Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mixed Bag of News...

First, the good news. I pitched a story yesterday over at The Publishing Trove loop and within an hour, had a publisher asking for the full manuscript:) Made me positively giddy the rest of the day! You know how it is; something rocks your world and no matter what LIFE throws at you, you refuse to be brought down? I decided to make my favorite meal, knowing it would be a lot of work, and my oldest would pout, since he had to work and would only get leftovers.

Here's the way the rest of the afternoon went:
4pm-K overturns the freshly changed rat cage, trying to put it back together. Cedar chips all over the floor and the dog bed.

4:15pm: Discover dog bedding is soaked (dog is having bladder issues). Have discussion about doing the humane thing and putting my baby out of her misery. I prepared myself for this moment three weeks ago, but the SU wimped out and requested more medication.

5pm: I discover a neighbor has a newly-purchases Kindle:) I took my Sony Pocket e-reader and we played 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours', hee hee....Discovered I'm not on Kindle's library. I may be making a deal with him as far as book purchases go....

6pm: Started dinner.

7pm: Ate dinner. Yuuuuummmmyyyy!

7:30: For whatever reason, I decided to check my Facebook status...and look up an old friend to see if she's on it yet. She isn't, but her kid is...and surprise, surprise...the father is no longer listed as a parent, but the 'rebound-man' which caused me to lose my temper with her last summer is listed as 'step-dad'! Turns out my friend either is lying to me to (ahem) spare my feelings, or the kid wants a dad so badly he's fantasizing. This caused my eyebrow to raise, but you know what? It's my friend's life. If she chooses to confide in me the next time I see her, great. I'm not going to confront her; I'll simply ask her 'So when were you going to tell me you and J got married?' And hopefully we can have a normal, civilized conversation about why she felt the need to lie to me.

8pm: Discovered that it is K's week to do the dishes. Since our agreement is he doesn't have to do them on the nights he works, I clean up the table so the SU can do them.

9pm: Discover he has no intention of doing the dishes tonight. Fine; I'll do them in the morning.

10pm: Take the daughter to the ER, because the sores on her hips are back. Good news there was no, she's not diabetic:)

11pm: Leave ER and she discovers I have $22 I didn't know I had in my wallet! We head off to Walmart and the pharmacy to get bandaids and her prescription filled.

Midnight: Too keyed up to sleep, so I read a bit. Finally turned off the light around 1am.

3am: Am awakened by K; the youngling has had an accident for the first time in two months. I get the poor child dry undies and tuck him into my bed. K takes the couch.

6:30am: Cocker Spaniel wakes me out of a bizarre dream involving my friend's son and his new relationship with Rebound Guy. Time to pry my eyes open and start my day.

I may need a nap later on today....

But yes, I'm still in a fairly good mood:) Just got another busy day ahead of me, washing bedding and slowly working on getting the 2nd room in my house thoroughly clean...curtains, shelves, floor, baseboards, and trim. On the other hand, maybe I'll just go back to bed.....


Mia Watts said...

I'd be all over that bed with a do not disturb sign on my door.

Congrats on the request!!! You gonna tell us where?

Also, I'm kinda stewing for you on the SU dish refusal. Grr. I'd be one to leave the damn things in the sink until he or your son got around to it later. Or food strike on the dinner making.

Molly Daniels said...

Yeah...he washed and I dried just a few mins ago:)

Amber Skyze said...

Congrats on the request. I'm as curious as Mia - who asked for it?