Monday, May 10, 2010

Me? Organized? You've GOT To Be Kidding...

Once upon a time, Kenzie had a houseful of people. She used to refer to herself as a Single Mom with Seven Children.

These children were:
-51 yr old 'child'
-26-yr old stepdaughter
-13-yr old son
-11-yr old daughter
-4-yr old 'granddaughter'
-3-yr old 'grandson'
-2-yr old son

In order to keep a tight rein on everyone's various schedules, she had each day running like a tight ship. There was little or no deviation from the schedule, otherwise people wouldn't be picked up at the appropriate times; meals would run long; everyone would be cranky. Therefore, priorities had to be made.

But five years later, three of the 'children' are no longer in the household (with the exception of holidays, lol!), and the schedule is a bit looser. Except the oldest 'child' is recovering from eye surgery and continues to adopt a crabby, 'poor me' attitude, driving everyone else insane with his refusal to own his issues. Everything is blamed on the eye surgery, or circumstances, or the town we're living in.

Kenzie is happiest when the three original kids are off to school and the oldest 'child' is napping. She can write, blog, watch TV, run errands...all without hassle. But when the 'child', who is now 56, wakes up and demands attention, sometimes her plans for the day go out the window or get reshuffled to the next day (See Molly's Daily Cleaning Goals, lol!).

So right now, she is the LAST person to ask for organizational advice! Unless you want the example of 2005...then check the May 19th, 2008 post.

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