Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Santa....

The following items will help me further my writing career:
-AlphaSmart, so I can write wherever I happen to be, and don't have to decipher my own handwriting;
-E-Reader, so I can demonstrate to people the concept of an e-book, thus maybe encouraging others to buy one and therefore increasing my own sales;
-Printer, so I may print out my documents as to easily catch my typos and other mistakes;
-Ink for said printer, or at least a year's worth of toner, should you be sweet enough to provide a laser printer, rather than ink-jet;
-Gift cards from my favorite book stores, or simply money in general, so I may whittle down my TBB list to a more manageable level;
-Money for web hosting, so that all my readers can actually VIEW my website;
-Laptop, so I don't have to fight for computer time;
and finally, I need the gift of TIME, so I can get everything done?

Thank you so much for the huge box of paper two years ago, before the printer died. It is still safe and sound under my desk! And thank you for the new computer last year. It is still in good digital health. And also, thank you for the early present this year, the new contract for my next book.

And as always Santa, remember my birthday is in this month too?

Merry Christmas,

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Carol said...

I highly recommend the AlphaSmart. I have one and love it.