Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Remember This Rhyme?

Mommy, Mommy, please tell me
What kind of person will I be?

My mother was a high school nurse, and I loved her office. I used to practice 'medicine' on my dolls, until I grew older and realized there was a great deal of 'icky' stuff I'd have to learn.

Me, a nurse? NO WAY!

Rich man, poor man
Beggerman, theif...

Rich sounded nice. The rest, not so much! Unfortunately, I proved to be good with kids, and decided to pursue some sort of career in that area. Being a Teacher's Aid showed me I'm no teacher, and then I decided my life's ambition would be to save every abused child in the world. A noble dream, but it proved tough to do.

Doctor, lawyer,
Indian Chief!

Forget the medical; I had no desire to pursue it. Lawyer? Forget it; I couldn't think fast enough on my feet. My sister was more suited to that; she could argue her way out of anything. I was more about avoiding confrontation. And since I'm not Native American, the last one's a no-brainer.

If I absolutely had no talent in the writing area, I would probably own a bookstore or be a librarian. Dream job=surrounded by books I've loved since age six and future books I've not read yet. I've had a taste of owning my own business; I ran a concession stand for two years and more recently was assistant manager of a fireworks store. So if money was no object, I believe I'd go for it.

Now I just need that rich man to come back...I let him go back in 1989 when his business picked up and had no spare time in his schedule anymore...guess it wasn't meant to be!

So who am I kidding? I've been writing since age 11; if I don't get a chance to write down my thoughts and stories, the minute I'm able to put pen to paper, the words flow like a water through a breach in the dam!

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