Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting Back To Work

As I've said on many interview, I have about five wips in need of attention. So today, after a week of not knowing what day it was (the holiday weekend, my kids' final two days of school, and having the spouse home can really mess up the mental timetable!), I'm going to buckle down and strive for at least a page a day.

Baby steps.

Usually, my goals have been 1ooo words, or even 500 words, but the muse left and my motivation went with it. I have not written ANYTHING ORIGINAL since March or April, and I'm tired of it. This time last year, I had 2 completed manuscripts and a finished ms I was trying to cut down to size. This year, I have an assignment to finish and several partials to complete.

So I'll start small, and maybe Inspriration will return. I love it when I'm 'in the zone' and the words pour from my fingers! That hasn't happened in quite a while, and I miss that feeling.

Hopefully my editor will email me soon with good news about my submission?? I'm ready for another contract!

Trying not to be jealous...
I know there's always a chance for ideas to be lifted, and I also know that even though others may have the same idea, the end result is not always the same. First came my Teacher idea; other established authors wrote their books and got them published while I was in the self-edit stage. Then my two novellas were rejected, only to be replaced by other kitchen-oriented stories. Now, my alter-ego's idea is about to be released in an anthology. True, she's not done with her series, and this end result will not even remotely resemble her finished 'Reunion' manuscript, but it would have been nice to get an email saying, 'Hey, do you mind if we use your idea for...?'

But trying to shrug off the hurt feelings and actually not caring are two different things. But until I see the final product, it doesn't really affect me.

So into my writer cave I go. Wish me luck?

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