Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Imaginary Friends

By now you've hopefully met Marc and Amber:)

My other friends include:

Courtney and Dustin
Angie and Steve
Brad and Emma
Katherine and Trent
Tori and Travis
Thalia and Rick
Ashley and Keith
Misty and Cory
Tammy and Kevin
Becca and Mark
Cara and Austin
Tricia and Brock

Sometimes they come to me in dreams, either sleeping or daydreams. Songs on the radio causes them to start talking, either to me or to each other. News items can have the same effect.

When I learned to read, sometimes the characters from whatever book I had finished would 'continue' telling me their story, including me into the new chapters as a friend, or maid, or even a little sister. The first time I paid attention to this, I was Beau's younger sister, the rebellious one, in The Flame and the Flower. Yes, I realize he's still a baby at the end of the book, but hey...what happened after he grew up? What happens twenty years later, when Brandon and Heather are watching their daughter prepare for her 'coming out' ball? Did anyone not ever think of that?

Right now, everyone has been pretty silent. Probably since Marc and Amber are being promoted and scrutinized by more than just myself and critque partners, lol:)

But once everything calms down, I have a feeling one set of characters will want their chance at center stage, and things will click into place once more.

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