Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Days and Counting...

I'm starting to get apprehensive.

On the one hand, I've ordered promotional materials, and telling everyone I know that All She Ever Wanted goes live next Tuesday. I've answered the call for interviews.

But on the other hand, what if, despite my efforts, no one buys it? Or worse, they buy it and HATE it? Will they ever read another word written by me?

Received a disheartening letter today, asking me to stop sending emails to this person. In my defense, I only send out my newsletter, or updates on progress. It's not like I'm flooding their inbox with forwards, chit-chat, or otherwise.

But it is depressing when an acquaintance tells you 'no more, please.' So I've removed this person from my contact list, and trying to not let it bother me.

Better News:
Marc has finally granted me an interview, and I'll post it on Monday!

Also, Gracen Miller interviewed me on her blog today! You can read it here, so stop by and leave a comment please?

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