Friday, May 22, 2009

And The Winner is....

Bronwyn Green!


So I Had To Laugh...
Got an email from an old friend, wondering how come I posted on my FaceBook status about scrubbing the kitchen cabinets.

"Isn't the maid doing it? I mean, I thought you'd be sitting back and collecting the money!"

Yeah, right. I won't know how well my baby is selling until I get my first royalty check...Next Month! Snort...I've been riding this euphoric high of publishing praise for a couple of days, and now I have the post-publish hangover.

I'm exhausted, and thankful I have the next three days off from not only promo duty, but Mommy duty!

Yes, I'm headed to our local festival tomorrow to meet a friend and fellow author, Jamie Carie, who writes Christian Historical Inspirationals. Her third book, Wind Dancer, takes place in our historic town in the early 1800's. I'm anxious to see how she'll be signing with a quill pen and ink...yes, she's going to be in period dress and signing authentically:)

My oldest son has been recruited to work the buffalo burger tent, so I WILL be getting my yearly feast! Normally I miss this festival, and no one ever remembers to bring me one or ten...

I'll be back next Tuesday, maybe, so have a happy Memorial Day and remember our loved ones.

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