Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exciting News!

Remember my submission for the EC Caveman, All She Ever Wanted, was rejected two or three weeks ago? I sent the synopsis and the first chapter off to another publisher a day or two later.

Monday I received the email from an editor; she is intrigued and wanted the full manuscript! So I sent it off on its merry way. Keep your fingers crossed!

In other news, my alter ego is thrilled to be a part of the downtown Christmas Kick-off celebration next week. If I get any other good news before her signing, I'm confident she'll be passing out my card and sticky notes to anyone interested! other EC submission was also rejected the other day, but as previously stated, I'm not too upset. I think it was better in the longer format anyway. So now I can redo it the way I originally wrote it. And they also rejected ASEW again! Wow...I guess it at least got a second opinion? Like I said, I'd already sent it elsewhere, so no tears over this. And if it gets rejected from this new publisher, well, I can re-tool it to fit the anthology that DOES want me:) But if it gets accepted...I've got to get over this massive writer's procrastination/slump/whatever- you- want- to- call- it and FOCUS! Time to crack the whip at my muse and get back to work. Do ya think the hubby would let me go to Florida for a week? Or at least check into a motel by myself? Na...I didn't think so either.

Too NaNo word count is pathetic. Week #2 and I'm still below the 5K level.

But other than that, my week's been pretty exciting! How's yours?

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