Friday, August 22, 2008

Some Good News:)

No, nothing on my submission or anything, although I did get a nice note telling me she was reviewing Wild At Heart and would get back to me soon:) That was neat; I've never gotten mail addressed to my new name before, and it was sort of like opening someone else's letter and reading it, while scratching my head and saying "Okaaaay..." And then it hit me. You're Kenzie, and this is good news!

Secondly, my friend emailed me and invited me to lunch! We weren't able to get together though, because I got her email thirty minutes after I'd sent it, and by the time we reconnected (I was having issues with my desktop...I could preview my mail, but couldn't OPEN it!), her boss had emailed her and she had to go into the office. So she told me to call her the next day. So I did, but a client had arrived earlier than expected, so she wasn't available.

"Let's try next week; I don't have a lot of appointments," was what she said before telling me to have a good weekend.

No, there was no apology for her snappy behavior, but the point is, we're TALKING! My patience has paid off, and when we do eventually get together face to face, everything will calmly be discussed. So I'm feeling pretty good about it, and hope our schedules 'jive'.

My son got a 'stupid sayings' calendar, and I thought today's was rather appropriate, given the Olympics are being played.

"I'd like to thank my brother Nicky, who's been like a sister to me."
-Australian swimmer Grant Hackett, after swimming the 1500-meter freestyle at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

If I get any news over the weekend or early next week, I'll post it.

I also finally sent off both Appetite for Desire and All She Ever Wanted to Ellora's Cave. I don't really think I have a chance; there are a lot of wonderful EC authors out there, several of whom I communicate on a daily basis! But it's nice to know it's out of my hands; someone else is going to read my little stories and decide whether or not I'm publishable. And just learned my crit partner did not receive my 6th chapter of Head of the Class. Argghhh...I'll have to send it out again. More delays...I'd hoped to have it subbed by now. Sometimes I don't think electronics like me very much!

Have a great weekend:)

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