Friday, August 29, 2008

Is This Nuts?

I've ordered promo items.

Before I've even gotten a contract.

I guess with 4 books written and at least 3 more partials in the works, it's about time I ordered business cards? I've also ordered a free sticky note pad, a free pen, and return address labels. I want to go to the EC convention next year, and I'd like to attend the Romantic Times convention.

There's a grant I'm considering applying for, to help with expenses. If I'm awarded it, I can use the money for the EC conference. The RT is held in April, and the money is awarded in June. Maybe if our tax refund is enough next winter, I'll be able to use some of it for RT.

And hopefully, I'll hear some good news on my submission soon. I also need to get my fingers in gear and start working on the partials! I'm not going to kill myself during NaNo this year. I completed it last year; I've proven to myself that it can be done. So if I don't reach the 50K goal this year, so what? I've already done it.

In the meantime, the patience is firmly in place. Keep checking back for news:)


Ashley Ladd said...

Good luck with your submission. Waiting isn't fun, but I just distract myself by working on the next project and eventually, I have more than one or two submissions out so I'm usually hearing back about something or other which also helps.

Kenzie Michaels said...

Thanks Ashley:) Yeah...time for me to get with the program and get cracking on other projects.