Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quirks Tag

I was sort of tagged, so here's my 6 quirky things:

1) When I fill the ice cube trays, I do it one cube mold at a time. This way I get just the right amount of water in it, and I don't have trouble popping the cubes loose! This drives my family batty, by the way...

2) I open Twinkies length-wise, and then eat them.

3) I've got to chew gum when going up in airplanes, as well as taking a decongestiant an hour before lift-off. The pressure gets unbearable!

4) I made a tape of my favorite sing-out-loud-to songs, and it's my favorite thing to listen to when in the car by myself. Great for long trips!

5) I dip french-fries into ranch dressing.

6) Right now, am having horrible hot flashes, and can be found cooling off in front of the a/c, freezer, or any available fan. Why is this quirky? Normally I'm always COLD when the A/C is on!

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