Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is This Public Knowledge and if so, How Did I Miss It?

Went blog-surfing the other day, and came across one post devoted to Brazillian Wax hygiene.

First of all, ugh! I have a very low threshold of pain, and cannot fathom ripping the hair away from any part of my body with HOT WAX. I do not tweeze my eyebrows; I gently shave away any unwanted body hair under the arms, down my legs, and in the bikini area.

I have a close male friend who told me several years ago that the 'messy look' was out.

"I like the landing strips," he sighed.

Okay. One question: How do you KNOW the 'messy look' is out? He's been married for over fifteen years! Is there a newsletter, a magazine, or was it in the paper? Do you belong to a certain group who keep track of body hair fads?

And secondly, are you SERIOUS? What, can't you find your way without, mmm, uh, a path?

Oh wait...this is a MAN I'm talking to; a MAN who regularly reads Playboy. And yes, knowing him, he looks at the pictures.

But to return to my original thought: What's wrong with simply shaving? I admit to having experimented several years ago, and in the summer time to shaving a little excess off, especially when going to the pool. But wax? Nah. I'll just touch it up in the shower, same as my armpits!

But I have noticed the, uh, clean-shaven trend in my erotica books. So maybe there was an ick factor when describing certain acts? Who wants curls tickling, or loose hairs falling into open mouths?

So maybe there is something to this trend, after all.

Or maybe we're becoming so warped a society that now women have something else to worry about?

Body hair. Who knew? And what's next?

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