Thursday, December 28, 2017

Looking Ahead To 2018 #MFRW #Authors #52

What do I hope to accomplish next year?  First, let's see if I accomplished last year's goals:

-Publish #4 of The Chosen  Check:)
-Promote the release of Crossroads Anthology Check:)  See below
-Write #5 of The Chosen  Started it; see below
-Write Heart Song  Not even close.  See below
-Do well at all planned events (5 total)  Mixed; see below

So what's with all the 'see below'?  I used my Christmas money to pay for the book cover and editing for #4.  The planned events?  I ran into weather issues, organizers who didn't promote the events, and bad booth placement.  My laptop crashed, along with stress and LIFE issues that prevented me from writing.  My huge 'what-the-hell' moment came in April, when I discovered the story I'd written was deemed 'too dark and violent' for the gentle readers, and would I please rewrite it in seven days?  I went one further and wrote TWO completely different stories in a week's time.

My Goals For 2018:
-Write #5 of The Chosen
-Promote Whispers Anthology
-Limit my craft fairs and set up at only the March event; Author's Fair in April; our Watermelon Fest in August, as well as GenCon (if we get approved); Harvest Fest in Sept; Imaginarium in Oct; and Christmas Show in Nov.  Also only do the free events around town (1st Fridays, and one or two Farmer's Market).
-Finish Heart Song (I did finish Ch. 5 and am well into Ch.6!)
-Set up a few local signings at our coffee shop/brewery.
-Get our Green House torn down, and the Brown House emptied.  I've decided to move my office into the Brown House (provided the spouse approves!).
-Continue participation in the MFRW Blog Challenge 2018.  This year was fun; let's hope it keeps going!

What are YOUR goals for next year?  Want to see what others are planning for next year, click here.

I hope you've all enjoyed this blog challenge; I've certainly enjoyed getting to know my fellow blog hoppers and more books have been added to my growing TBB list.  I'm hoping an amazon gift card arrives in my stocking at my mother's house this weekend!

Happy New Year!!!!!


Sherry Lewis said...

I think I'm horribly lazy. I need a nap after reading your list :) Seriously, though, it sounds like a great list. Wishing you luck with all of it and the very best in 2018.

Meka James said...

Wow you were busy in 2017 and will be doubly so in 2018! Good luck to you in the coming year. Best wishes and happy New Year

Shari Elder said...

You go, girl!! Have a wonderful, healthy and prolific 2018.

Ed Hoornaert said...

Man, are you right when you say that Life can get in the way of our plans. I hope the Life behaves itself for you in the coming year.

Robin Michaela said...

You've got a busy year ahead. :) Good luck in 2018 (I hope you get moved into the Brown House!).

Alina K. Field said...

TWo stories in one week? That's awesome. It's been great getting to know you through these blog hop posts. all the best in 2018!

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