Thursday, March 23, 2017

Faith, Compassion, Forgiveness....#MFRWauthors #12

What's my greatest strength?

I'm about to break a sacred rule.

You see, I attend a Women's Conference at church every year, and we're not supposed to divulge secrets.  But since this one's about me, I'll share it anyway.

I was raised in a Christ-oriented family, and thanks to some childhood bullying and anxiety issues, I clung to my faith, since I'd been taught about a loving God.  I pictured Him with gray hair and wrinkles, and a very loving manner, much like my own grandpa.  I didn't feel accepted by kids at school, but I was close to several friends whom I only saw once or twice a week.  Plus, I had Father God whom I could talk to any time of day or night:)

So yes, I have a deep faith in a Higher Power.....which may seem strange to romance writers.  Stranger still, I have many friends who don't believe, or are of other faiths.

My childhood issues gave me a unique compassion for others, and I've also been told I'm way too forgiving at times.

But that's how I was raised....and since I was an 'ugly duckling' who has blossomed into some sort of swan, it allowed me to develop my imagination, since I was a voracious reader.

I am loyal to a fault; I can be your greatest fan if I love your books; I can champion the underdog.

Hope:  I've never given up hope that one day I'd be published.  This has allowed me to be flexible, since at 1st I wanted to be published by age 20 and be a guest on Love Boat, and have that shipboard romance with either Doc or Gopher, but alas, it went off the air when I was 13 or 14!  Nevertheless, when it didn't happen at 30, I was thrilled when it finally happened before I hit 40!  Even then, I struggled with marketing, but through trial and error I've attained some small successes:)  The worst thing anyone can say to me?

"Why don't you give up on that writing thing?  You're not making any money!  Go get a 'real job'."

Ummmm....Yeah, I don't make a huge sum of money, but I would much rather be doing something I love than spend a lot of time and energy doing something I despise.

If those aren't strengths, then apparently I've misunderstood the topic.

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Unknown said...

Those are strengths. I'm recognizing a common theme throughout our posts--RESILIENCE and PERSISTENCE.

Meka James said...

I'd say they are great strengths. And I remember the Love Boat. I used to watch that show with my grandma.

Helen Henderson said...

good title. and your strengths are ones to cherish.

Anonymous said...

Faith is a HUGE strength. To some extent, it doesn't matter what you believe. You need faith in yourself to stick with all the inevitable disappointments. And since fiction (especially romance) is optimistic, you absolutely must have faith that there is goodness in the world and life can turn out for the best.

Unknown said...

All your qualities are wonderful to have. I'm not a church-goer, but I do have faith in both a higher power and in myself. Sometimes, that's the only thing that gets you through life's trials.

Kenzie Michaels said...

@S.C.: LOL....I noticed that also!

@Meka: I still love to watch reruns:)

@Helen: Thank you! Thanks for stopping by:)

@Ed and @Robin: Absolutely!

Cathy Brockman said...

That's great strengths