Friday, September 18, 2015

Psst....Wanna Meet An Alien?

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It is with some trepidation that I introduce General DuKah of the Xaxonian Command, now in charge of the Xaxonian side of the Tri-Xa Space Station.

If you've ever watched Star Trek, DS9, here's whom he loosely resembles:

My dear Kenzie, if I may....I am much better looking that him!  Yes, I can see why you'd post a picture of....him.  We both wear black, but I most certainly do NOT have those...those...things around my face.

Apologies, DuKah.  I was only trying to give the readers a visual.

They get quite an eyeful, as it were, in some of the scenes you wrote when I'm with my darling Secondary.

So how did you, of all people, get involved with someone from a neighboring planet?

(sighs)  Must we go through this again?  Her brother was her planet's ambassador, and for whatever reason, LoGar brought her with him.  I liked what I saw; most of the TriJupian females are timid, spineless creatures, but SaLie was different.  I sensed a longing in her, something that went way beyond simple adventure.  (taps his chin)  You know, I suspect that under that prim hairstyle and conservative clothing beats the heart of caged tiger. Am I right?

We're not here to talk about me.  I want to the readers to understand you a little better-

Ah, come on, Kenzie....I've observed you at the bar, singing that delightfully saucy song and rubbing up against-

DUKAH!  Remember, you have SaLie!

(holds up hands)  I'm not insinuating anything.  Come back to the station with me and take your pick of the clientele at Ple'Suh.  I'll set you up with your own band, and you can let that tiger out to play.  What do you say?

I think this conversation's over.  I'm a married woman and the thought of space travel makes me queasy.

Pity. I think my second-in-command would enjoy a show.

Ahem.  Book #3 of The Chosen, Best of Both Worlds, released last week in kindle format, and as soon as I figure out the cover issues, the print version should follow soon.

No stranger to controversy, SaLie SiLah is offered a position on the newly opened Tri-Xa space station. Expecting to further her relationship with the father of her child, SaLie learns she will be working closely with her childhood sweetheart. Will her eyes be opened to the fact love has been within her reach this entire time?

Dr. JeTil PaHej thought SaLie was his Chosen when they were seniors at the Academy, but he hadn’t counted on her infatuation with the Xaxonian commander of the new space station. When he learns SaLie will be joining him on the medical team, he forms an unlikely alliance with DuKah, in order to win his woman back. Will the ploy work, or will the deception turn her against both men?

"I have a surprise for you. Remember my special room, in which you, JeWal, and I shared so much pleasure the last two years?”

SaLie felt his cock twitch and clenched her muscles, sucking in her breath when a spasm hit, reliving the pleasure she’d last felt, sandwiched between the two men. “Oh yes.  But they have detained JeWal. There are speculations of mistreatment of other women.” She kissed DuKah’s neck. “I admit, being Joined to him was not pleasant. I much prefer our alone times, or with you both, instead of being with him.”

DuKah exhaled. “Yes, I made an error in judgment, extending our leave on your planet last year. Did you know your brother had a surveillance team on him? During your confinement, he was not so gentle while taking his pleasure with females of his liking.”

SaLie gritted her teeth. “He does not have much patience with anything.” Looking up at him, she traced one of his flat nipples with her nail. “Have you found someone else willing to play with us?”

He cupped her chin with his free hand and smiled. “Indeed I have, but that’s not the surprise. I have opened a rather exclusive club on the Xaxonian side of the station. No one is allowed in without a membership, and the clients are carefully screened, especially other species. Members can bring guests, but we ask everyone to sign a confidentiality clause.” DuKah’s hand caressed her jaw, then dropped down to play with the nipple of her left breast. “I miss seeing these swollen from the clamps. Tomorrow, I will take you to the club and indulge ourselves.” 

Best of Both Worlds is available at Amazon 

Want to win a copy of Heart's Last Chance?  Name the Star Trek DS9 species pictured above,and don't forget leave your contact info!


Cathy Brockman said...

I do not know the characters name It has been ages since I watched deep space nine.

merriedth said...

Was it a Klingon... I don't remember lol

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