Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Best of Both Worlds is LIVE!!!

If you've watched any of my FB pages the last week, then you know one of my publishers, SCP, closed its doors Aug 31st.  I was shocked; then angry, since #3 of The Chosen was supposed to be published on Sept 9th!  I already had to proof copy and was gearing up for The Promotional Tour.  How could this have happened?  Eventually, I did calm down and decided to self-pubb BOBW, since it was already to go.  My cover artist redid my covers first (thank you Dawne!), and I proceeded to investigate Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing.  I finally managed to upload BOBW to KDP on Sunday, and had to make one minor adjustment yesterday.  The changes went Live today!  I should have Heart's Last Chance and NiKoh's Chosen up by next week:)  But in the meantime, here's a sneak peek at SaLie, the oldest daughter of the SiLah siblings.

No stranger to controversy, SaLie SiLah is offered a position on the newly opened Tri-Xa space station. Expecting to further her relationship with the father of her child, SaLie learns she will be working closely with her childhood sweetheart. Will her eyes be opened to the fact love has been within her reach this entire time? 

Dr. JeTil PaHej thought SaLie was his Chosen when they were seniors at the Academy, but he hadn’t counted on her infatuation with the Xaxonian commander of the new space station. When he learns SaLie will be joining him on the medical team, he forms an unlikely alliance with DuKah, in order to win his woman back. Will the ploy work, or will the deception turn her against both men? 

“Now that I’ve given you a son, when will you make me Primary?” SaLie held her breath.

“Now SaLie, you know I prefer my solitary existence.” His chiding tone filled her with disappointment. “A Xaxonian military leader has no place in his life for a Primary mate.”

“I respectfully disagree.” SaLie took a firm hold on her courage. “As Secondary, I share your bed several nights a week, I listen to your troubles, and I accompany you on special occasions. Not to mention giving birth to your son. Isn’t that what a Primary mate does?”

DuKah shifted, pulling away from her to sit up. SaLie raised herself up her elbow.

“We’ve been through this.” His tone held a warning note. “A Primary is unnecessary with someone of my status. If I were to elevate you to Primary, you would have to return to Xaxa and be involved with the running of my household and raising our son. Forgive me, but you’ve made it clear you’d rather be at my side.” He flung back the covers and stood beside the bed. “Is that what you want?”

“Isn’t there a way around that? Elevate me to Primary, but let me stay here, working on the station, sleeping in your bed, loving you every night with my body…” SaLie got up on her knees and reached for his cock, feeling it come to life in her palm. “Your mother is already running your household.”

“Stop.” At his harsh tone, SaLie pulled her hand away and sat back on her heels, looking at him. “I will say this one time, and one time only. I will never elevate you to Primary. I am content with you as Secondary, no more. If you cannot accept this, I will have no choice but to inform your leader of your decision to return home. Understand?” He laid a finger over her lips. “Yes, I love you. Yes, I enjoy what we have together.” His hands went to her breasts and squeezed. “Stand up.”

Best of Both Worlds is now available on Kindle..

For a chance at a pdf of either Heart's Last Chance or NiKoh's Chosen, answer this question: What is the name of the joint space station?  I'll draw a winner at midnight later this week:)


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