Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SCP Turns 3 Years Old:)

Rules are simple:  Start either here or over at the SCP Blog and go to each of the 24 authors listed.  Collect the letters and unscramble them (you're spelling out Secret Cravings Publishing, how simple is that?), then email your answer to  I think you're supposed to include which author's site where you found each letter.

Aside from the individual authors' special prizes, SCP has some great prizes to offer too
Grand Prize- iPad
2First Place- Kindle HDX
Second Place- $50 SCP gift certificate
Third Place- $25 SCP gift certificate

So what are YOU giving away, Kenzie?

I'm so happy you asked!  

But first, a little known fact about me:  My 6th birthday is Feb 5th, the day we award prizes. So what better way to celebrate my 'birthday' than to award someone a special prize?

Normally, I give away a free download of my books.  So you'll get a copy of Wild At Heart, or if you've already read it, then you can select one of my others.  But would you also like to receive a special souvenier from Colorado?  Yes; I brought back some goodies with me, like pens, a notepad, and maybe even a keychain.  It's been several months since I looked at what I brought back, so forgive me if I can't cite the exact prizes.

What do we have to do to win this special prize?

Easy.  Answer this question:

What is the name of Emma's ranch?  I suggest you stop by the WAH Excerpt page.

Contest runs from now until the end of the month:)


M. S. Spencer said...

Do you mean you were born on Leap Year Day? :) M. S.

Kim cornwell said...

I have always wanted to visit Colorado! I would love to win a gift from there! The answer to your question is Happy Trails Ranch!
I'm new to your books, so any of them is fine!

Deborah Close said...

Wow awesome excerpt, I definitely want to read it. The name of the ranch is HAPPY TRAILS RANCH.

Deborah Close said...

Wow awesome excerpt, I definitely want to read it. The name of the ranch is HAPPY TRAILS RANCH. Forgot my email dcpooh55 (AT) cox (DOT) net

Eileen said...

Nice excerpt and the answer is Happy Trails ranch.
sounds like you are a Leap year baby.

Amy Hart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janna Shay said...

Happy Trails Ranch

Jean MP said...

The answer is Happy Trails Ranch.
Enjoyed reading the excerpt.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Kenzie Michaels said...

No, I'm not a Leap Year Baby...I said that tongue-in-cheek since Molly Daniels 'created' me Feb 5th.

Awesome comments everyone! Keep 'em coming:)

Amy Hart said...

Happy Trails Ranch! Thanks for the chance!

DogsMom said...

Happy Trails Ranch!

Evil Tammy said...

Happy Trails Ranch is Emma's ranch she grew up on and YUM...I want to read that!!!

Have never been to Colorado would love something from there!

Thanks for being a part of the hop!

Michelle Levan said...

Loved the excerpt, and that the Emma earned her way towards being able to own the ranch (I love a strong female lead)!

Madison Sevier said...

Just saying hi and great post!

Peni Anne said...

Very sneaky. I like it :) Emma's ranch is Happy Trails Ranch and a good name it is too. I have not had opportunity to read your stories yet so I hope I win. I like what I see so far.

Thank you again for this opportunity, Peni Anne

Shadow said...

Hi! Sounds awesome! Loved the excerpt! Her ranch is Happy Trails Ranch. Thanks for being apart of this awesome hunt!