Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Special Valentine

According to a 2010 Hallmark Valentine's commercial, one's Valentine is someone you want to share your secrets with; spend all your time on the playground with; and other things which I cannot remember, nor find on YouTube!

But based on that criteria, my Valentine has yet to show himself.

I wish he'd return....

But for the moment, he exists in the form of my youngest child, who presented me with three Valentines:  A six-pack of Reeses PB Hearts; a heart-shaped Reeses PB; and a solid milk chocolate XOXO:)

Plus, there is chocolate wine in the fridge, and I'm planning to fix steaks for dinner, as well as making a cake for dessert.

Sometimes you just have to give, rather than receive, in order to have a happy Valentine's Day:)

1 comment:

Kenzie Michaels said...

Who knew I'd been spelling 'Reecee' wrong all these years? It's 'Reese's'!