Friday, January 13, 2012

"I'd Like To Thank The Academy..."

Oops...that should be READERS....Seriously, I feel as if I've won an Oscar.  Last weekend, I received an email:

"Kenzie, did you know Teacher's Pet was nominated in the P&E Best Romance Book category?"

No, I didn't.  I'd been voting every day for Carol Preflatish's book, Saved By The Sheriff, and had noticed TP wasn't there on the first day.  Apparently, somebody penciled me in; I didn't know we could do that!  This was Sunday afternoon; the poll closed Tuesday evening.  I promptly went on a wild 'vote for me' spree, since I was currently in a 13-way tie for 22nd place.  I wanted to make the top 20, at least!

Imagine my surprise when I checked back (usually 3-4 times a day...okay, maybe more often than that, lol!) and watched my name rise into the teens....approaching the top 15....and then challenging Carol for the 10th spot.  And when the official results were in, Teacher's Pet ended up in a 2-way tie for 11th; Carol's book was 9th, and another SCP author was in the 10th spot.

So thank you, whoever nominated my book in the first place!  Either I've got great friends, or someone out there really likes that book!

And speaking of my first 'baby', I received this in the mail on the 10th:

"OMG!  This book is hilarious!  They are like bunnies but it's also very sweet..."

And today....

"Teacher's Pet was one of the best books that I have read so far this year.  I would also put it up against everything I read in the last two years in fact.  The only thing I could fault with is that it ended."

Thank you!!!!!  As soon as I get the link to her full review, I'll post it.

Not a bad Friday the 13th after all!

Also, earlier this week, my editor contacted me about Class Reunion, so it looks as if that book will be releasing this year!  And, managed to sell one copy of Appetite For Desire last month, so hey....people are starting to notice me:)  Right now, we're in the cover stage; trying to match up pictures a friend sent me and trying to see if one of her poses can be used in the cover.  Since B happened to be one of the people responsible for the brainstorming which led to Class Reunion, she and I thought it would be neat to use her as the model.  And thankfully, Marci agrees.  B and K (the other person responsible for coming up with details in CR) are tickled beyond belief.


Linda Kage said...

How totally exciting. Congrats!!!

Kenzie Michaels said...

Thanks Linda! I've tried to fix the post, but grrrr.....not cooperating.