Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Like My Book!!!

Just saw something which made my day!  A reader commented the following:

"OMG, Wild At Heart... just read it... LOVED IT!!! Kenzie. you rock... felt like I was there, absorbing every word, i stayed up til 3am to finish, I think the only thing that would have been great was if Ethan would have gotten with Lori after Rehab lol."

It's like winning an OSCAR; complete strangers tell you they LOVE your work, and suggest ideas for sequels:)

As for costumes....each character tells me what they're wearing.  And the only time I've done a Halloween Party, I've based their costumes on past experience:

For example, my alter-ego's characters attended a 'Come As Your Favorite Fantasy' party, and dressed as punk rocker; a flasher; a mechanic; Dracula; and Army get ups.  In a later book, they would dress as Robert Palmer's Back Up Singers and yes, even had a Robert Palmer.   They compete in a Halloween Costume contest against a pregnant nun, a Coke can, M&M candy, and Hershey's Kiss.  Amy and Caty dress up as Dorothy and Glenda from Wizard of Oz, and Amy even refers to a previous Halloween when Matt gets the wrong costume, ruining her plans.

Maybe I need to incorporate a Lady Gaga costume into one of my next stories?

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Linda Kage said...

Wow, oh, wow, what a nice thing for a reader to say. So very happy for you!!