Monday, April 18, 2011

Whips and Chains

Maybe it was all those spankings as a child. Or being teased by my peers from the 4th grade until high school. At any rate, I most likely will not write a BDSM, or any psychological horror/thriller stories.

Don't get me wrong; I enjoy reading them from time to time. And in fact, several of my favorite authors write these genres. But I just can't wrap my head around anyone who would enjoy being 'punished', spanked, whipped, or even treated like a child, and then being told 'I love you,' and being made love to. In my head, those elements just don't go together.

The closest I can get to writing anything like this would be mild bondage. When tying each other up is viewed in playful ways, and not causing any pain. I do, however, have a wip which wants to veer into this genre, and another which wants to take a peek into the lifestyle. But neither of these are grabbing my attention, so I may just turn the concept over to Brynn and see if she can work her magic:) I'll take my payment in free books, ha ha:) Then again, she may insist I do it myself.

Another genre I doubt I'll ever write is M/M. Again, I have read some of this genre, and thanks to Kaenar Langdon, there is a video saved in my email which I think is pretty hot! I think I'll leave this to the ladies who write it best; Dakota Rebel, Kaenar, Carol Lynne, and Mia Watts. I had enough problems writing my one and only F/F, in which all of the sex scenes take place 'behind closed doors'.

Menage: I like to read it; however, I tried to picture myself as the adored object once, but always, the 2nd guy managed to fade away. Guess I'm just an old fashioned, one man-at-a-time-woman.

Fantasy/SciFi: In two words, World Building. Enough said. If I have trouble visualizing my setting, how can I expect to write it? If I attempted either of these, I'd end up looking like a sad copy of Harry Potter, Tolkein, or Star Wars. I again refer you to my ending of Star Wars. Pitiful.

I admire anyone who can create other worlds and make them sound exciting! Jae Roth, Anny Cook, Vicky Burkholder...these ladies have imaginations!

I know there are several of my friends who don't like unhappy endings, and others who can't stand romance. It all comes down to personal preference. What's yours?

And never say never; I'm collaborating right now with what may end up being my one and only horror/transgender/zombie story. The other two authors need to write their scenes and finish what I started!


Rie McGaha said...

The important thing is that you are writing what you know and are comfortable with. I will never write sci-fi, I don't read it, don't watch, don't enjoy it - not gonna write it. However, thriller/suspense is one of my favorites to write. I love seeing how far I can push my story lines, how grossed out I can make my readers, and how many nightmares I can stir up in everyone's dreams!

Nice post.

Rie McGaha

Carrie said...

Hey there Kenzie!

I too thought it was a nice post!

Me, I'm all about sci-fi. Eat it, breathe it, live it, lol! Been into it for a long time.

World building is my favorite part. When I was about 18 - in fashion of J.R.R. Tolkien and RA Salvatore - I began creating my own world and came up with my own language of sorts.

I didn't write everything down, but every time I try to find that map with all the names on it, I can't - even though I know I still have it - so I figure that was my muse's way of telling me that's a story for later, or the one to not be printed...who knows, lol!

Plus, my muse is a Dragon!

But, I prefer a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Of course, I need a good thrill or two in my stories too!

We'll see how it works out, lol!

But, I won't write certain genres either. While I can write contemporaries, I'm not a big fan of them, so I do future time periods. I'm also not a big personal fan of westerns - though I will read a few here and there and found some decent ones - I won't write that genre.

What you're practicing is an ever important point in writing - write what you know. Sure, it's good to step out of your comfort zone in practice, but when you're writing for your fans, it's best to stick with what you really do know! :)