Monday, April 4, 2011

First Impressions

"Oooooh, you're an author? What do you write?"

"Adult Contemporary Romance."

(Eyebrows lift) "Ohhhhh..."

I'm up front with what I write; however, I tend to omit the 'erotic' part, preferring to call it 'adult'. If anyone wants to know more, and I can't judge their age, I ask how old they are, and if they're younger than eighteen, I steer them toward my alter-ego's books.

I'm still new enough that I've not had a whole lot of reactions; I have been prayed over (basically, for the Lord to help me clean up my language); I've had someone write me a letter inviting me to 'Meet my friend who died on the cross' (I already have a very good relationship with Him, thankyouverymuch!); and I've even had former classmates say they've read excerpts and fall off their chairs. "Sweet, innocent YOU wrote THAT?" (Sweet, innocent me went to college and grew up, heh heh heh!)

But I suppose the best reaction I ever received was two years ago at our local Wine and Art Festival. Apparently, one of the workers at one of the wineries had stopped by my table earlier, and had heard me refer to my writing as 'Adult Smut'.

I went up for a taste of one of their wines, and as I was tasting, he asked me, "Do you really write smut?"

"Yes, I do."

"Good for you!" He poured me another larger taste, free of charge!

And another winery owner gave me two bottles of Blueberry Wine, because we'd sent many customers to his booth, and, "My wife really enjoyed reading your book last year. When is the next one going to be available?"

Unfortunately, this past year, that particular winery did not make it to the festival; their truck broke down. So I have high hopes this coming June, when I get to tell him Wild At Heart is out, and two more will be on the way:)

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