Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sample Cover Art

The longer I stare at this one, the better I like it:) The first thing I said to myself when I saw it was, "She's not blond"...and "Wow! This is what one would expect on an erotic romance story!"

The first thing I said when I saw this one was "Awwwww....sweet! And she's blond! And I like his expression!" But..."They have their clothes on..."

So I posted them to FB and within an hour, I had several women friends drooling all over the 1st one. So I emailed my artist and said, "Let's go for it!"

What's your opinion? Does it matter that my heroine is blond, yet the cover model is dark blond/ brown hair with highlights?


Amber Skyze said...

The hair color doesn't matter. I find most never match. I like both! Must be hard to decide.

Linda Kage said...

Awww...if you liked the second better, you should've stuck with it. But #1 will sell good, so it probably doesn't matter! There's something nice about each. Either way, CONGRATS!