Monday, August 2, 2010

Vampires? Not Really My Type....

I loved George Hamilton's Dracula. For days after seeing this movie, I dreamed of a romantic guy with his looks to sweep me off my feet...and then I saw The Empire Strikes Back and forgot all about Dracula and fell in love with Han Solo again.

I'm not even on Team Edward; I prefer Jacob.

But there are two vampire stories out there I DO enjoy reading. Both are by the same author, and in fact, if I hadn't won her first contest, there's a chance I might have missed out on these books. I just didn't care to read them...until Dakota Rebel came along.

And she's even added a new twist; her books are also M/M. And she keeps the story moving.

When mortal Bounty Hunter Mitch Baine decides to spend one night breaking all the rules with a sexy masked vampire, he has no idea that the stranger is Jarrod Axlerod, lead singer of the famous band Heartstrings, or that he will be contracted to kill the vampire the very next day.

Mitch Baine has been trained from very early on that the only good vampire is a dead one. A lesson cemented into his brain after years of killing them on contract for the US Army. But his feelings toward the creatures begin to change after spending an incredible night with one at a masked ball.

When he receives his newest contract, he is horrified to see that the vampire he has been hired to kill is none other than Jarrod Axlerod the high profile lead singer for the band Heartstrings, and the sexy vampire he has just broken every one of his personal rules with.

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To Hate And To Hold:

Can Jamie and Ethan overcome their hatred for each other before the vampire marriage they are cursed into kills them both?

Jamie McHale has always hated vampire prince Ethan Connor, and Ethan loathes him right back. One dark and stormy night the two men tangle in a violent altercation that leaves them somehow bound together in vampire marriage.

It becomes very clear that the magic of the marriage bond will get what it wants for them, regardless of the men's feelings toward the situation. The curse wants them together, and as they spend time with each other they start to wonder if this really was a curse at all.

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I hope one day I can purchase the print version of these; then I can display Dakota's work when I'm at a signing:)