Monday, July 19, 2010

You Call This A Vacation???

My ideal dream vacation has varied over the years. First it was anyplace with an amusement park and water slides. Then it was anywhere with a pool, beach, and good nightclubs.

I have two dream vacations. One involves travel; the other does not.

I'd love to travel to Hawaii, Greece, Italy, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Sweden.

And then there's my current 'dream vacation':
Kicking everyone out of the house.

Yes, you read that correctly. For the past several years, traveling with my kids leaves my exhausted. And since my oldest pair is now driving (one leaves for college next month and the other will officially get her license in January), my ideal Spring Break is when the hubby's off to work and my three kids disappear to Grandma's.

Peace and quiet.

I can sleep late; blare MY music; watch any TV shows without having to hear complaints; eat when and whatever I want; stay on the computer as long as I want.

And sometimes I feel as if Spring Break doesn't last long enough. Why couldn't my kids go to Grandma's the entire month of June? Or all summer?

"'d miss your kids after two weeks. Trust me."

Sigh. You're probably right. But sometimes I want to lock myself in a motel room for several weeks when the words are flowing! Why does the family not get this and leave me alone until I'm finished?


Amber Skyze said...

I've wanted to visit Greece since 10th grade History class. LOL I'd also like to go to Ireland some day.
Those are my two bucket list places - there are many places I'd like to go though.

And I can relate to the quiet house. I forgot what feels like.

B.C. Brown said...

Forget the vacation, sweetheart...If your family DID actually understand your need to write and be by yourself and not to be harped at, then that would already be a miracle. And you want a vacation on top of that? hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Oh, thanks, hon! I so needed that laugh!! *wipes tears from her eyes*

P.S. But if you should get a chance to go to Ireland, count me in as a traveling companion!