Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Answer...and Doing the Happy Dance!

Okay; Mia was close. Here's the answer...and the actual conversation highlighted in bold.

“Crap. I’ve got to go in a few minutes.”

He tightened his grip slightly. “I could just keep you here the rest of the night.”

She shook her head. “How about I start strongly hinting for them to sleep over at friends’ houses next weekend?”

“Works for me.” He kissed her ear, then patted her butt. “Okay, Miss Horny and Pressed for Time…you know, that would make a great line in a movie.”

Tammy yawned and sat up. “Maybe in a porno,” she scoffed. “Where did you toss my clothes?”

“The same place you tossed mine.”

(Comment was made before my marriage; just wanted to clarify in case anyone was worried!)

Happy Dance:)

Received this in Monday's inbox:

Good morning Kenzie,

I have no idea why this manuscript was rejected but the publisher and I
agree. We would love to publish this piece for you.

I will be sending you a formal acceptance and contract later this morning
or this afternoon.

Whoo hoo! My new publisher will be XOXO Publishing and I'm excited to be finally getting my first 'baby' sent out into the big bad world.

And it must be my week for good news, because yesterday I received another email from my temperamental friend, apologizing for flying off the handle at me two weeks ago, and could I meet her for coffee? Unfortunately, I was too busy yesterday, and asked about either today or Thursday.

"I'm leaving for Hartford, Connecticut tomorrow and will be gone until Sunday. I'll email you next week."

Once again, patience has paid off!!


Amber Skyze said...

Major congrats!!!! I'm so glad this will be published.

Things are looking up for you. :)

Kenzie Michaels said...

I hope so Amber!!