Monday, June 28, 2010

I Have A LIFE?? Who Knew?

Yes, as hard as it may seem to fathom, Kenzie has a life outside her computer.

Don't faint on me; sometimes I forget it too. But when kids have to email you to tell you important things, or suddenly the power dies and you discover your husband's shut off the power strip in order to get your attention....then you know you've been neglecting your family.

I do honestly try to give equal time to everyone. I get up early; answer my email, read any digests and blogs, and post my own. I update my Face Book status. Sometimes I'll even tweet. Then I shut off the internet for two hours while I dress, shower, do light housework, errands, etc. Around noon I'm back on, to check for comments or any other email, and hop over to a loop or two. If I'm in writing mode, then my characters consume me for about another two hours. And then my teens are usually begging to use the computer, so I'm off again until about dinner time, when I do a quick check before fixing the meal.

If no one is using it after nine PM, I'll hop on again, to either write some more or make the rounds on blogger.

I suspect when my kids are all off on their own, I'll be on here a lot more. But hopefully by then, I'll be able to afford maid service? I hate to hear "Kenzie, get off that damn computer and help me clean up this mess!"


Mia Watts said...

Alas I have no life. You'll see my post on that tomorrow. I already have it loaded.


Kenzie Michaels said...

Mine is starting to stabilize...I think....