Friday, April 9, 2010

What Happens Next???

This seems to be my continued question with several books I read. Books which are all about the sex and discovering one's 'soul mate' within 24 hours have me wondering what happens the next day when LIFE interferes.

Longer books, where the characters declare their love for each other (finally!) has me wondering about what happens after children arrive.

So OF COURSE I love sequels! And sometimes, the more the better:)

Case in point: I spent years reading Dana Fuller Ross's Wagons West series...and there's about 24 or so. I cried when two beloved original characters were killed off, and if I ever get the last book ordered, I suspect I'm gonna cry when I read it because a) It's the last book and b) I've discovered two more characters have been killed off (maybe this is why I keep forgetting to order it???)

I love long-running sit-coms. And secondary plotlines ala Charmed and Gilmore Girls. Soap operas don't count, because sooner or later, everyone's going to end up in bed with each other.

So it appears I'm in the minority here...but anyone else care to chime in?

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