Monday, April 26, 2010

I Have A Dream...

That one day, the Romantic Times Convention will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana...and that I will be able to go.

What workshops would I attend? Hmmm...given my past weekend horrors of discovering my chat posts virtually unreadable because of rogue html codes imbeded in my text, I'd love a workshop on How To Prevent This From Ever Happening Again. Also Protocol When Re-Joining Chat Loops When You've Been Absent For Several Months and How To Regain Your Friendships.

Can you tell I've been struggling with a few issues?

Time Management With a Grumpy Spouse.

How To Write Fresh Sex Scenes or How To Keep Sex Scenes Fresh.

How To Overcome Shyness While Visiting Sex Toy Shop.

Writing The Best Blurb To Catch Reader's Attention.

Best Time To Submit Work or Who To Submit New Work To. (Sometimes I hear authors say they send their new wips to their editors; I keep sending it as pertained to the guidelines, and waiting forever! Okay, I'll retract only seems like forever!)

Online Marketing 101.

Website 101 and Web Hosting.

POV Issues and Why Did The Rules Change?

Hand-Selling vs Online Selling: Equal, Or Is One Better? And How To Not Get Run Out Of Town For Content Of Book (a slight personal fear, lol...)

Okay; I seem to be getting carried away. I don't even know if there's a workshop for some of those!

I DID enjoy the WriteStuff Writer's conferences, and wish they'd do them again. But it was a fantastic learning experience, and gave me opportunities to talk to established authors and editors, and boosted my confidence level.

I also dearly wish I could attend the MidWest Writer's Conference, and am kicking myself for not realizing it existed while I was in college (I was on the same campus!). I also wish I could attend Lori Foster's Weekend in June, as well as RomantiCon next October. I've got a room reserved; now I just need the money to register.

I just hope my friends who DO attend will post many pictures! And I'd like to make my Model Behavior wip as accurate as possible...see there honey? I need to attend for research purposes!

Think he'll go for it?

Nah....I'll get the "But we don't have the money..." speech again. Sigh...Next year....


Molly Daniels said...

I'd add another one: Will Someone Please Invent A Way To Salvage 'Damaged' Word Documents When We Forget To Back Them Up??

Carol said...

If it does ever come to Indy, I want to go, too. If it hadn't been for blasted cataract surgery, I might have gone this year to Columbus.

Molly Daniels said...

See today's Evo post: I also want a Rewind Time button in addition to the Freeze Time one!

Amber Skyze said...

You can shop online if you're too embarrassed to go into the toy shop!
It's the best way to research different items too.

I want my big red button! LOL