Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Man

Harrison Ford is my dream man. And the lovely Mia Watts tagged me for this 'Build Your Internet Boyfriend' Meme...

1) Hair Color and Length: I'm partial to dark hair, and while not too short, not too long either. Think Harrison Ford as Han Solo...YUM! But I also like blonds, as Robert Redford as the Sundance Kid or in The Way We Were. And yes, as I grow older, I can appreciate a hint of silver...

2) Eye Color and Facial Features: While I do like my men clean-shaven, I also find a goatee slightly sexy. And so is that picture of Gerard Butler on Mia's blog, with the scruffy look. I'll admit, Gerard is 'growing' on me. Eye color, brown or blue.

3) Height and body type: I like my men tall. Preferably 6'5" or taller. Preferably no tatts, but then again, I did once date a sailor, who had one tasteful tat on his forearm. I'm not into heavy muscular men aka The Arnold, but yes, I like a well-sculpted body. And no, can't cite an example at the moment, although David Boreanz has a shirtless pic I like....somewhere....

4) Visible Age: Thirties and above. I am in my forties, so I don't want to get too young, but a man in his fifties and sixties who's maintained his looks and body (Harrison Ford...I'm wiping the drool from the keyboard as I type!) will catch my attention.

5) Bangability: As long as he's into me and respects my right to say 'ouch' or 'NO', and this doesn't change his opinion about me, I'm all his.

6) Human or Other: Right now, he's got to be humanoid. I'm not into inter-species unless he looks human.

7) Paranormal Skills: Reading my mind. I'm shy about expressing my wants or needs sometimes, and this would eliminate any mixed signals. I want a man who anticipates my needs.

8) Interests: I'm the rare female sports lover, so I don't mind a moderate sports lover. I want him to have his own interests, but also do things with me.

9) Habitat: A tropical island, or at least the means to whisk me away to a sandy beach in the winter.

10) Special skills: I want a man with a sense of humor and a great personality. Good people skills. Good business sense. And who doesn't mind me using him for... ahem...research.

If anyone besides Mia is reading this, consider yourself tagged:)

1 comment:

Mia Watts said...

LOL. I really wish you could post the eye candy. sigh!

Harrison is so not my cup of tea. His facial expressions turn me off big time. But he's got a great bod for a fogey. ;)