Friday, November 20, 2009

More Dreams

My dreams have been active lately.

Monday morning, I'd dreamed of being in a huge, relaxing tub of water while catching up with my hero. Suddenly he joined me, and as the water slowly drained, made my body and soul sing with joy, love, and contentment of being with him again.

And then I woke up.

Tuesday night, I dreamed his office had an open house, and as I searched for his cubicle, the crowd thickened. I finally made my way to the parking lot and climbed in what I thought was his blue truck. As I'm backing out of the parking space, I happen to glance at the contents of a folder in the pocket of the door. It's not his; I hit the brakes and get out. (Weird...the man doesn't even drive a blue truck anymore; I changed it to a red SUV!)

Once again, I woke up.

And he's refusing to talk to me this week.

Maybe he's getting tired of having to take a back seat to all the family stuff which has been going on? Maybe he's frustrated by being drowned out by the news, SyFy Channel, and not-enough- hours-in-the-day issue? Or is it the fact that, once again, I have a goal and the family is doing everything in their power to sabatage it?

The only year that I've won NaNo (so far!) has been when I've had complete privacy. Next year, maybe I need to check into a hotel and hibernate for a month!

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