Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Earth To Kenzie....

Here is my primary writing space. What you can't tell from the picture is to the left is the doorway to the living room.

Behind the chair is my daughter's bed, against the wall in a slight 'nook', next to a window seat.

To the right is the door to my bedroom and against the wall is two bookshelves filled with my youngest's toys.

When I'm by myself, I turn on the radio or a CD and write to anything from Lifehouse, Prince, Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, Hinder, or whatever happens to be on the radio or whatever I pull out of the CD collection.

I used to write to Hooked On Classics while sitting alone in the living room (before computers) while my children napped. I also wrote some of my best work at the laundromat, listening to AC/DC, Duran Duran, and Don Hendley on the juke box, or whatever was playing until my selections were next.

At our old house, I had a spare bedroom where I'd hole up until the kids came home, or the dogs needed attention. Remember when internet was tied to the phone lines, and the only way people knew you were home was because of the busy signal? Thank god the dog barked if anyone came to the door; usually I had the music up so loud I didn't hear them knocking! But true friends knew where I was; they knew my dog was kind, and would just walk on in. Ah, the good old days!

Nowadays, I can be found typing at the computer with Fairly Odd Parents on the TV, or DIY, or SyFy channel. Or at my favorite coffee shop with the local radio station and conversations all around me.

I also used to write at the ball field, and once outlined an entire book while sitting in a bar, waiting for a job interview. I got the job, but didn't keep it long. I started working, only to discover I was pregnant again!

But why the title? I can successfully block out everything around me, and sometimes my family jokes the house could catch on fire and burn down around me before I'd notice. And that's only because the power would go out and I'd scream because I hadn't saved my document! 'Oh my...that's why I was coughing? I thought it was my asthma...'

Let's hope I never have to actually test that theory??

And by the desk is a hell of a lot messier now! That pic was taken when we hooked up the new computer after Christmas! My desk resembles 'organized chaos'!


Ashley Ladd said...

You sound so much like me! We must be twins separated at birth.

My writing desk is in my daughters' bedroom. It's build into their bun beds. They're nice enough to let me use it. As it's in their room, however, the TV's on whatever they want to watch - right now that's "Supernanny". My younger daughter loves to watch shows like "Top Chef", "Biggest Loser", "Top Model", "Extreme Makeover", and "Charmed". I'm glad she's outgrown cartoons, although Scooby Doo or Flintstones would be cool. I'm not much into her shows so I usually tune them out. When they're not in here, I either listen to my music (most of the American Idol's stuff and moldie oldies) or watch my shows.

Kenzie Michaels said...

I'm looking forward to when I can have my own office again, or the Beauty and the Beast (Disney) library:)