Thursday, February 5, 2009

High School Antics

Once upon a time there was a girl named Marci. She was the ringleader of a select group of girls who looked up to Marci, because she seemed to know Everything about Anything, and who also knew the Right People.

But soon the other girls began to not take her word for granted, and began to form their own opinions about other people and issues. And so Marci saw her influence gradually slip away. She began to recruit a new group of loyal followers.

One day, one of her old friends happened to be looking online and saw something she didn’t like. She quickly posted a question to her new friends.

“Did you see what Marci posted on her MySpace? OMG…”

The new friend wrote back, “OMG! Can you believe it?”, and quickly wrote up a note on her Face Book page. It wasn’t long before her inbox was flooded with messages.

Meanwhile, one of Marci’s new recruits happened to see the Face Book page and told Marci about it. Marci’s response? She sent messages to all her friends, both past and present, with her tone so sweet it almost put one in a sugar coma.

Fortunately, no one bought the act. Until Marci faces up to the fact she no longer needs to play the part of Queen Bee, she will be doomed to drift from group to group, trying to find those so desperate for friendship and willing to endure being held at arm’s length, never to attain the close friendship they crave.

Will Marci ever learn that true friendship cannot be held at a distance, but should be embraced? Unfortunately, the world is full of Marcies. We can only hope that one day their eyes will be open; otherwise, they will realize the beauty of what they have missed, and will realize they are all alone.


Kelly Kirch said...


I forget about this blog sometimes. It's that other one I'm always reading.

Kenzie Michaels said...

(playful pout) You forget about me?

I'm trying to post more often:)