Sunday, June 8, 2008

Panic Attack

I've had a nasty virus invade my home PC, so I've been keeping up with my blog and email at the library. I just had a horrible thought:

What if, when I downloaded all my files to my brand new flash drive, I also infected the drive with the virus?

Or sent the virus to others? After all, I sent off a submission and interview answers!

So far, I've heard from the editor already, so I know her system wasn't affected. And no word from Gracen, either, concerning her PC. So I guess I'm safe.

But I've got two documents that I didn't put on floppy disk; the only copies are on my now-damaged hard drive and the flash drive.

Have I just ruined my publishing chances? Will I be forced to start all over with these stories? Or are they still salvagable?

Time will tell, I guess. I'll get my personal computer geek to solving that mystery when he gets back from Kentucky.

In the meantime, I can do no edits; I cannot chat; all I can do is pray that we will be able to either put in the recovery disk and hope it works, or else buy an external hard drive and recover it that way. Last ditch effort will be to buy a new PC. But for that to happen, hubby needs to return to work.

Or else I need to sell a huge amount of books this summer!

On a good note, I've started a new story called 'Steaming up the Midway'.

And I'm trying out a new title for the chef/customer story, 'Recipe for Love'. What do you think?

'Crazy for the Caterer'?

'Par for the Course'?

'Dishing Up Desire'?

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