Monday, April 13, 2015

#8 Is Here!

"2-4-6-8....who do we appreciate?  NiKoh!  NiKoh!  Neeeeee-Kohhhhh"

*Doing the happy Snoopy dance*  My 6th 'publishing birthday' isn't until May 19th, but it's hard to believe my eighth book is being released today.  This time last year, I was beginning to wonder if I'd even have a release in 2014, and now I'm scratching my head over the fact I'll have a total of four books out in 2015.  Okay, technically only three....but since I still haven't made up my mind as to who's writing Heart Song, due out in October, I'm counting it as mine until further notice!

Also, just a reminder:  Heart's Last Chance has been nominated in the LRC Best Of Awards, for Best Sci-Fi Rom Book of 2015:)  As soon as I receive the link, I'll let you know.  I'd appreciate any votes cast my way, since this is the first time I've ever been nominated.  I'd really like to get 1st Runner Up:)

I began writing NiKoh's story a year ago, while waiting for Brock's story to be accepted.  The story stalled after Ch 4, then little sister KiRah entered my brain and basically shoved her older brother aside so her story could be written first!  Then holidays interfered.....and finally NiKoh began 'talking' to me again after the first of the year, then basically wrote itself over the course of two weeks.  Two weeks!  Then, a friendly suggestion from a new member of my local writer's group helped inject new life into it during the editing process.  Isn't that great when everything finally comes together?

I've got a treat for you this month.  I'm taking NiKoh on a blog tour until the end of the month, so if you'll leave a comment on each one (or at least a select few!) with your contact info and what format you'd like a free book (you know me, I like to award free books at random!), then after the tour is over, one lucky comment will receive a special prize pack:)

Okay, enough stalling.  Here's your first glimpse of NiKoh.  Enjoy!

Still mourning the tragic death of his beautiful mate, could another Chosen one already be waiting for NiKoh SiLah? To avoid what he’s not ready to accept, he throws himself into his work at Planet Security.  

Leaving the Academy behind to follow her dream of working with animals, GiNae SoJae returns home. Preoccupied with work and not ready to take a mate, she’s horrified when her body enters Maturity. GiNae fights the changes occurring within her. But during nightly dreams she cannot control, an unknown man teaches her the secrets of her body. 

Will NiKoh and GiNae succumb to the paths they think have been chosen for them or will they discover the true Chosen life that awaits them?  

'R' Excerpt:
“I cannot do this. I am not ready, NiKoh. Please leave.” BeSai clutched the folds of her yellow robe over her breasts and burst into tears.

NiKoh reached for her, but she pulled away and threw herself on the bed, her sobs ripping at his heart. 

Helpless, he slid his arms into his black tunic and exited his mate’s bedchamber. He paused as BeSai’s nurse appeared in the corridor.

“Again?” She reached for NiKoh’s arm and squeezed it. “Your brother’s Bonding must have been too much for her.”

Anguish welled up in his chest. “I was hoping—it has been months, AnKie. When will she truly be my mate again?” NiKoh heard his voice tremor and break.

AnKie’s silvery face reflected compassion. “We do not know. Let me console her, then we will talk later.” She moved into the room and NiKoh heard her call out to his despondent mate.

He wandered downstairs to the eating area and poured himself a goblet of his favorite fermented beverage. He took the cup into the living area and sank onto a golden brown chair in front of the fireplace, contemplating his life.

It has been three seasons since BeSai lost the child, and OkVae is nearing the completion of his studies. Three seasons—no, four, since BeSai and I last made love. How much longer will it be? OkVei, their only son, was at the military academy, following in his father’s footsteps. Soon he will be ready to find his Chosen, while I wither away in sexual agony. NiKoh’s left hand adjusted the swollen bulge between his legs and willed his body to relax. According to the law, I am perfectly within my rights to seek relief with another, but it has been so long since I even looked at another female in that manner. For the thousandth time, he wished his father were still alive. I do not feel comfortable discussing this with Mother or even one of the Elders. He shook his head and a stray lock of hair tickled his eye. NiKoh released his purple hair from the leather thong and felt the shoulder length mass cascade past his neck. Ever since participating in his brother’s Bond Test, he’d discovered a certain freedom in wearing his hair long. BeSai had taken delight in grooming him and combing his thick locks.

He sighed and flinched when a drop of cold liquid splashed on his bare chest. The need welled up again; NiKoh gave into it, unfastened his slacks, and rubbed his cock. He placed the goblet on a table and closed his eyes, picturing BeSai when they had first mated. Her dark pink hair spread out on the carpet of green grass, silvery breasts tinged with dark blue. The sweetness of her body as it accepted the thrust of his thick cock. Their mingled sighs and cries as they reached toward the pinnacle—

Crash! “Oh!”

The female’s exclamation, which was not his mate’s voice, yanked him back to reality. Stickiness flowed over his fingers and sprayed his chest as he opened his eyes to see the wide look of horror on a young girl’s face.

NiKoh hastily pulled his slacks together and thrust his dripping left hand between his leg and the chair as the kitchen door burst open and his Domestic entered the room.

“GiNae, I told you to stay with me.” She reached the girl, who still gaped at him. “Apologies, NiKoh. She has just returned from her studies and apparently has forgotten her manners.” She pulled the girl back toward the kitchen.

NiKoh found his tongue. “ViShe, would you be so kind as to bring me a towel?”

“Of course.” The older woman pushed her daughter into the other room.

NiKoh fastened his slacks and drained the goblet. ViShe returned with a white towel, then withdrew back to the kitchen.

NiKoh cleaned up his mess as best he could, including the white droplets clinging to his lavender chest hair. Leaving the goblet, he gathered the towel in his hand and ascended the stairs to adjourn to his separate bedchamber for a shower. Normally used as a guest chamber, NiKoh had moved into it as BeSai’s depression worsened. Now it seemed it would be his permanent chamber. He was thrilled BeSai had agreed to accompany him to the Bonding Ceremony, and she had seemed receptive to his gentle kisses during the meal. But once they arrived home and were alone in her chamber, his once loving and gentle wife could not accept his hands on her bare skin and turned him away. Would he ever have a normal sex life with his mate again?

NiKoh's Chosen:  Family Matters is available at the following places:





Tomorrow, I'll be on Molly's blog, so see you tomorrow! 

Question:  What's my usual celebration for Release Day?  Is it:
          A)  Dinner
          B)  Dancing
          C)  Karaoke
          D)  Playing Trivia at BW3's
          E)  All of the above
          F)  A, C, and D.

Not sure?  Then what's YOUR preferred method of celebration?  Today, I WILL give away a free copy of both NiKoh to a lucky commenter:)  And yes, all names go into the hat for the Grand Prize.


Cindy Bartolotta said...

I'm going to guess All the Above. For me, dinner with friends. Love the excerpt. Congrats on the new release.

Melissa Keir said...

I'm guessing A, C and D. I know you love karaoke and you do it even when you aren't having a wonderful release! Congrats and let us know when we can vote!

Ashley Applebee said...

I am going to guess A, C and D. I LOVE Karaoke personally. Congrats on the new release, it sounds AWESOME!!!
Ashley Applebee

Kenzie Michaels said...

@Cindy: Thank you so much!

@Melissa: know me so well! I'll post the link on all three FB pages when voting begins at 1pm Tuesday:)

@Ashley: Thank you so much! Plus, you are VERY correct:) The only 'dancing' I do anymore is in the privacy of the basement while doing laundry or if I'm at karaoke and Wobble or Cupid Shuffle is played:) Thanks for stopping by!

Tessie Bradford said...

Congrats on your new release!

Kenzie Michaels said...

Thank you Tessie:)