Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HDH #27: Halloween Fun!

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Since it's Halloween tomorrow, I'm giving you a break from Randi and Brian.  Since none of my books or wips have any Halloween scenes, I decided to continue the scene posted over on Molly's blog.  In Endless Love, after leaving the Haunted House, Peter, Caitlyn, and Amy join the rest of the gang at a local bar, where a surprise awaits.  Enjoy!

 “At eleven o’clock, we have to get up on stage and let the audience choose the winners. Anybody want to switch costumes with me?”

“Oh, Keri, it’ll be fun. Besides, neither of us can squeeze into that tiny skirt of yours. Thank you.” She accepted her whiskey sour from the server.

“Or your shoes,” Amy added.

Keri pouted then shrugged. “Oh well, if I get drunk enough, it won’t matter, right?”

“Just don’t fall down. I’m going to join Steph, Gretchen, and Troy on the dance floor.” Taking off her hat, Amy made her way to the crowded dance floor.

“What happened to her nose?” Keri signaled to the server. “It looks swollen.”

“It is.” Caty filled her in on what had happened. “Peter, do you dance?”

“Sure, what the hell.” He pulled himself to his feet and followed her. When the judging began, Troy, Gretchen, Keri, and Stephanie went on stage. A large selection of others in costume joined them, and after the first round, they were still in the running, along with a pregnant nun, a Hershey’s Kiss, a green M&M, and a pair of aliens. The judges eliminated the two candies first, then the aliens. After several moments of consultation, they announced a tiebreaker. To everyone’s surprise, the DJ announced, Robert Palmer and Girls as the winner.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!  See you back here next week for another exciting snippet:)


Cathy Brockman said...

great hook!

diannehartsock said...

Interesting! I'd like to see everyone's reactions.

Linda said...

I wonder what happened to her nose too.