Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy birthday Paloma!

"Happy biiiiirrrrrthdaaaay toooo youuuuu
Happy biiiiirrrrrthdaaaay toooo youuuuu
Happy biriiirrrrrrthdaaaay dear Palomaaaaaahh
Happy biiiirrrrrrthdaaaay tooooo youuuuuuuuuu!"

Tammy:  Heroine, Teacher's Pet
Kevin:  Hero, Teacher's Pet
Danny:  Tammy's son, age 13
Teri:  Tammy's daughter, age 10

D:  I thought we were getting ready to celebrate my birthday, Mom.

T:  No dear; I'm letting you stay up late so we can celebrate a friend of Kenzie's.

T:  That girl Danny used to drool over?  Yuck!

K:  No, Teri.  The woman who created all of us.

T:  But I thought God was a man-

T:  Kevin means Kenzie wrote our story.  Not the God of the universe.  Paloma is a friend of Kenzie Michaels, and they're both authors....though neither of you can read either of their books until you're older.

T:  Why?  

D:  Because there's love scenes.  (gags)

K:  Here, blow out the candles before they melt on the cake.  Tammy, how is it we're together for a year, and yet we've never celebrated yours, Teri's, or Danny's birthdays, or even mine, for that manner?

T:  Because Danny's is in November, when we were broken up for a brief time; Teri's is in July, after we'd-ah (clears throat)-met for the first time, and mine took place before we-ah (clears throat)-met the 2nd time.  And yours was celebrated over our honeymoon, remember?  And this is a birthday of sorts, because I think Kenzie finished the final edits on our book about this time.

K:  So what excerpt do you propose we post in honor of Paloma's birthday and our one-year publishing birthday?

T:  How about the scene where Danny tries to spend your money?

D:  Shut up, Teri.  How about the scene when Kevin stayed home with us during the snow day and he and I beat you and Mom at Scene It?

T (sticks tongue out at her brother)

T:  Oookay....time to send two kids to bed.  You forget this is Paloma's day, not yours.  Scoot.  I'll be in to tuck you in shortly.

D:  Awww Mom!  It's Saturday!

T:  Actually, it's still Friday night and past your bedtime.  Kenzie's pre-posting this.  Now shoo.

D:  Come on, Teri.  Mom and Kevin are going to make out again.

K:  Tammy, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I think your son's read a few parts of this book.

T:  I'm surprised he's even speaking to us if he has!  Oh well....enough of our drama.  What say you we post a happy scene?  Like our first official date?

K:  Now that's a good idea.  Do I get to pick it?

T:  Nah; you'd go for that 'horny and pressed for time' line.  Here, I'll choose it.  And readers, leave a comment, even if it's just to wish Paloma a happy birthday!  Kevin will draw a winner after midnight on Sunday for a copy of our book, Teacher's Pet.

K:  Or you can buy it here, on amazon.

A few days passed; Tammy tried to put a lid on her mounting frustrations with her libido. Finally, she screwed up her nerve and called Kevin, under the pretense Danny was having trouble with an assignment.
“Even I can’t figure it out,” she stated. “Can you explain it to me?”
“Sure. Which problem is it?”
Tammy hesitated. “We’ve got football practice in thirty minutes. I wondered if I could just drop him at the field and come over for a few minutes.” She squeezed her eyes shut, afraid of his response. She felt horribly exposed, certain he saw through the ploy.
To her surprise, he sounded businesslike and not at all teasing. “Sure, no problem. Bring the book and I’ll be glad to help you.”
She breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”
She dropped the kids off at the football field and asked one of her friends to keep an eye on them. “I’ve got to make a delivery,” she apologized, feeling guilty for the lie. “I’ll be back before practice is over.”
“Relax, Tam,” the other woman said. “It’ll be fine. Go on.”
Flashing a smile, Tammy strode to her car and went straight to Kevin’s house. She sat a block away, debating with herself.  Taking a firm grip on her courage, she drove to his driveway and walked up to the porch. Her resolve weakened after she knocked on the door. This is stupid. You haven’t acted this way in over fourteen years. What’s he going to think about you showing up at his house and demanding he take you to bed? Is that how a grown woman with two children acts? Grow up, Tammy! Besides, the man should do the pursuing, not the other way around! Oh really…and what about equal rights? Don’t I have the right to demand sex just like men do?
Her internal war vanished when Kevin opened the door and swept her into his arms, closing the door behind them.
“You have driven me crazy for three days. The problem can wait. I’ve been wanting to kiss you ever since Saturday.” His tongue swept across the corners of her mouth, and, with a sigh, Tammy melted against him, answering his hunger with her own.
She tugged at his sweatshirt, wanting to run her hands up his hairy chest and over his rippling muscles. He worked it over his head, looking surprised when she threw off her own sweatshirt and pressed his naked torso to hers. He groaned and lifted her up, carried her to the bedroom, and left a trail of clothing behind.
“What brought this on?”
She peeled his athletic pants to his ankles. “I’m horny and pressed for time. And it’s all your fault.” 

K:  You cut it off just before it got to the good part!

T:  Always leave them wanting more, dear.  Come on; let's make sure the kids are tucked in, and then we'll see who's 'horny and pressed for time'.

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Timitra said...

Thanks for that great excerpt Kenzie...definitely has me wanting to read this book!

Jacki C. said...

This looks like a story that needs to be read!

pc said...

great excerpt...I'll definitely check this one out!

Linda Kage said...

Oooh! Steamy excerpt!! Happy Birthday to P! I loved the post idea. How neat.