Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back To Basics....

I've come to believe I need to go back to school. Why? I'll tell you.

Everything I thought I knew about writing dialogue has turned out to be WRONG!

I had one editor who didn't mind the use of the word 'said', 'protested'. 'admitted'.

Editor #2 told me to take them out and replace with gestures. Okay; now I have my characters 'smiling'; 'running hands through their hair'; 'taking sips of their drinks'.

Editor #3 didn't object to my use of action tags and the occasional dialogue tag when I couldn't find a way to eliminate it.

Editor #4: Honestly, the edits went so fast, I'm not sure what she thought of my issue.

Editor #5: I've only received one set of edits, on the wrong story; however, my publisher has created an 'inside the editor's mind' blog and I've discovered the last set of self-edits I used the wrong tags. The good side is, my editor will correct them. The bad side? My 'clean' draft is now not so 'clean'.

So maybe I should either do my daughter's English homework with her or take up the 'Back to school' offers and go take another Grammar course at my local college?



Linda Kage said...

I've learned EVERY editor wants something different, so I say write the story how you like it to the very best of your ability, then count on having to "clean" it when it sells!

Good luck!

Kenzie Michaels said...

Good advice Linda:)