Monday, July 25, 2011

African Adventure

"We're almost there folks." Their guide steered the Jeep over bumps, making Tom's teeth rattle in his head. Why had he given in? Why couldn't his wife be content with the Jungle Safari ride at Disney World? What in the world had prompted her to sign them up for a REAL African Jungle safari? The heat, the miserable mosquitoes, and the real danger of running into a hippo was enough to drive a person over the edge.

"Sandy, if you ever sign me up for anything like this again, I swear I'll file for divorce." His back ached as the back wheel landed in yet another rut.

His wife's camera continued to click. "You didn't object when we toured the diamond mine."

"Of course not! That was actually interesting, and we weren't in any danger of being eaten." Tom slapped at another pesky insect buzzing by his left ear. "I don't think that insect repellent is working."

"Oh shut up. When we get to the ruins, it will all be worth it." Sandy put down her camera and reached into her tote bag. "Here, put this on." She handed him the Skin So Soft lotion from Avon. "It does a better job than that Deep Woods Off."

She didn't seem to be suffering from insect bites. Tom could feel several welts on his neck. "Okay." He shook some onto his hand and applied it to all exposed skin.

"Why did you bring that package with you? The corner keeps digging into my knee."

"The FedEx Man gave it to me just as we were about to leave. The guide said he wasn't going to wait, so I brought the damn thing with me. I'll open it up when we get back."

The thick foliage gave way to a clearing. The guide pulled up beside a large canvas structure. "You'll have two hours folks. Lunch will be provided in the shelter, and if you choose to explore the ruins, please watch out for snakes and spiders. Do not go off by yourself; please use the Buddy System."

Tom climbed out of the Jeep after Sandy. He picked at the unfamiliar food, but enjoyed the freshness of the fruit. After they had eaten, he trailed after his wife as they toured the ancient temple ruins, keeping a sharp eye out for any sign of insects and reptiles.

Two hours later, the group piled back into the Jeep and headed back to civilization. Halfway there, the guide suddenly stopped the vehicle and got out to examine the right rear tire. He stood up and reached across the passenger in the front seat.

"Jeep Six to base....yes Base...I've got a puncture over....not sure....thank you." He replaced the radio microphone and turned to Tom, a slight grin on his face. "I don't suppose you have a tire pump in that package."

"I hardly think so." Jeez, had everyone seen Castaway? "Why would someone send me a tire pump?"

"It would be handy about now." The other passengers tittered with nervous giggles. "They're sending another Jeep to meet us, but we might be stranded for a while." The guide shrugged and returned to his seat.

Tom sighed at the looks from the other members of their group. "Okay, I'll open it. You never know, and I wasn't expecting anything anyway." One of the men handed him a pocket knife. "Thanks."

Successfully opening the box, he couldn't believe his eyes. "Sandy, your mother's been watching McGuyver again. She sent us duct tape, chewing gum, and a rope! Can you repair the tire with any of this stuff?"

Their guide smiled and slapped his knee. "I sure can! Thanks Tom; aren't you glad we were in a hurry now?"


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