Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words...

Friend and fellow author Linda Kage interviewed me today! Come on by and say hello!

Welcome to a sample of my hectic life! Here are some pics from Aunt Kenzie's Summer Reading Program and Father's Day. Miss Drama Queen (MDQ) and her brother Mr. Energy are staying with us for the summer, and maybe even during the school year.

Enjoy these kids' expressions, actions, and antics with me:)

Making the Father's Day cake. MDQ insisted Uncle Dad would LOVE strawberry frosting on his two layer devil's food cake! The kids ate most of it, though Uncle Dad did eat a slice or two:)

Buddy, one of my neighborhood 'adoptees' and MDQ making kites. ME opted not to attend this outing, and my youngling was at cub scout camp.

MDQ trying the Japanese snacks at the program on Japan. They were yummy, imho! I don't think she shared that opinion, though:)

Took them to one of our historical sites, and they all enjoyed playing with this cannon!

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