Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hot Button Issues

I usually tend to keep my opinions to myself; I've always been a people-pleaser who prefers to not rock the boat. However, there are a few I do support, however quietly.

Pro-Choice: I once took a counselor's training course at a local Free Clinic. Their anti-abortion stance made me realize I favor the women's right to choose. And yes, to keep it legal. When I became pregnant with baby #3, I seriously considered all alternatives, because finances were shaky and it had been ten years since the last one. I'll confess; I prayed for a miscarriage. But since I'd seen the abortion tapes in college, as part of a health class, I personally had no desire to undergo the procedure. A neighbor of mine had no such qualms, and while I did play Devil's Advocate and questioned her decision, ultimately it was her body, not mine. I do NOT support terminating any pregnancy past the 12-week mark.

Battered Women's Shelters: As a former survivor of emotional abuse, I whole-heartedly encourage women who find themselves in any abuse situations to leave their husbands. Ladies, he did it once; he'll do it again. Get out while you're alive.

Marriage = One Man, One Woman: Going to take some heat for this one, but if you choose to follow an alternative lifestyle, so be it. But don't call it marriage. It is not sanctified by God, so no, it should not become legal. Want to adopt children and cohabitate with your partner? Go right ahead.

Socialized Medicine: Absolutely not. I've heard the horror stories from my sister in Canada.

E-book vs Print: I've become an avid fan of e-books. Now I just need an e-reader.

America's Constitution: I caved to pressure two years ago when my 1st ammendment rights were slammed. I was wrong. This is my blog; I can express any opinion I want. If a reader finds my opinion offensive, they can choose to ignore me. I've seen material I consider offensive; I check back the next day until I just can't stomach the views expressed anymore.

Besides, this post should tell me how many readers I have. I found out two years ago: If you want to see how many lurkers are out there, post something controversial and watch your inbox fill up with hate mail:)

Some of the opinions expressed above are not stated in polite conversation. I'm a non-confrontational person who prefers to simply walk away from a fight. Especially if my friends have stromg opinions, I prefer not to let issues come between friendships. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; just don't try to shove yours down my throat.

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