Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"But I Don't Wanna..."

Dear Kenzie,

I would like to offer you a conditional contract; conditional meaning you expand the plot. It seems rushed...

What? Add more scenes? You didn't like it the way it's written?

Sigh...okay; you're the boss, and if I want to see this published, then I'd better add something to it....

Dear Kenzie,

I know you have a better ending in you than this....

(Throws mouse across the room) What? It has the HEA! They ride off into the sunset....okay, they're actually looking at it...so what the hell's wrong NOW? Here's an ending for you..."And they lived happily ever after." Take THAT!

(Light bulb going on) Hold it...(typing madly) Woo Hoo! How's this for an inspired ending?

Dear Kenzie,

LOL:) I love it! Good job!

You guessed it; how could anyone NOT love any words which pour from my fingertips? Okay; I'll admit it. Expanding the plot was a good idea; it made for a much better story. And yes, the (new) ending was brilliant, however temper-tantrum induced!

And yes, rewriting is not easy for me. I love the way I wrote the story, and only on occassion will I rip the entire thing apart and redo major chunks. Case in point: Molly's 3rd book, Forbidden Love. First I wrote the thing. Then I decided Kyle needed a voice, and inserted his POV in selected spots. Third, after feedback, I took the advice of others and cut the first six chapters. Last, I deleted the final four chapters, making some revisions to a beloved sex scene, and adding another scene. Am I happy with it? Sort of. I haven't screwed up the courage to send it off yet.

My Wild At Heart has had many negative comments. I did update the first chapter, and made some minor changes to Steve's prison charges. But as he doesn't become 'lovable' until chapter 3, no one wants to read past Ch. 1. And since I love the way I laid it out, it has been languising on my flash drive, stuck in limbo until Inspiration Strikes.

Maybe I need a ghost writer?

So yes, I AM capable of rewrites. Especially when publication is looming. And as my editor can attest, my tantrums don't last long...hell, he doesn't even know about half of them! Don't tell him; he thinks I'm easy to work with! Which I am...just don't come around me when I'm in the middle of the rewrite. It ain't pretty.

Now I'm waiting for that elusive email again...

Dear Kenzie,

We would be pleased to offer you a contract for Teacher's Pet....

Crossing my fingers it arrives soon!


Gracen Miller said...

*laughs* Oh, boy are we both going through it right now! LOL So far it's not been my editor that's given me fits, but my muse. *tries to kick him in the booty, but he steps aside at the last second and I nearly land on my ass*

I think most of my problem is that I have my mind in another book and want to write, not edit. *whimpers* But with all that's going on in my family right now, I don't have time to edit and write. *cries dramatically*

Mia Watts said...

Announce it when you know about Brian's story.